YWCA Yonkers win $2,500 green makeover

YWCA Yonkers will get a $2,500.00 green makeover after winning the “Green Team Spirit Gives Back” Facebook contest. Green Team Spirit, which specializes in building sustainable organizations through the power of teamwork, launched the Facebook competition to give local non-profits the opportunity to “go green.”

“We are thrilled about such an exciting opportunity to work with Dani Glaser and her team to measure our impacts, and become a greener organization, in an affordable and inclusive way.”

In her submission essay, Yejide Okunribido, executive director of the Yonkers YWCA, explained that, “YWCA has served the community for over 120 years. While she has achieved many successes, she remains committed to meeting the dynamic and increasing need for services as they emerge. YWCA would like to implement a “green” strategy to help reduce the overhead, increase the bottom line and effectively do more with less. Funds “freed” from overhead expenses will therefore be diverted to operate new or enhanced programs from which the community will benefit.”

The YWCA-Yonkers has already started taking steps to be green. An energy audit in 2009 recommended lighting upgrades to greatly increase energy efficiency and save money. Some of the upgrades were just completed and Green Team Spirit will help analyze the impact on costs and emissions going forward.

The public had the opportunity to vote on submissions and the YWCA narrowly beat out Westchester Habitat for Humanity for the greatest number of votes. The prize pack includes a Green Team Kick-off event, which will take place on Nov. 16. All YWCA staff and constituents are invited to participate on the Green Team and have a hands-on experience with the green makeover.

“It’s all about teamwork,” said Dani Glaser, the Founder and CEO of Green Team Spirit. “Everyone needs to come together to create environmental improvements that result in saving money, creating a healthier environment, and generating good will among staff and stakeholders. This Green Team Kick-off event will be the start to bigger, lasting changes for the YWCA –Yonkers as the Green Team works together to create culture change.”

Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick will be among the volunteers at the Green Team Kick-off event.

“Green thinking and sustainability are more than mere buzz words for eco-friendly and environmentalism; it is fast becoming a way of life and an important part of doing business in order to take on the challenges we face locally and globally. I congratulate the entire Yonkers community that helped the YWCA earn this award. We now need to roll up our sleeves as volunteers and stretch the $2,500 seed money to show appreciable results. I thank Green Team Spirit for sponsoring this drive and for recognizing the YWCA for its leadership.”

In the spirit of giving back, Green Team Spirit also awarded Westchester Habitat for Humanity, Cerebral Palsy of Westchester and Sisters of the Divine Compassion the tools they need to reduce energy and water usage, save money and help the environment along with two hours of consulting.

In addition, two lucky persons who voted in the contest won special prize packs courtesy of ECOBAGS.com to help green their lifestyle. Representatives from ECOBAGS will also attend the Green Team Kick-off day.

“Green Team Spirit understands that “going green” is about getting started and making a series of environmental choices,” said Sharon Rowe, president of ECOBAGS, which is the official sponsor of the contest. “That’s why we’re partnering with them—they’re smart!”

Learn more about Green Team Spirit by visiting their website at www.GreenTeamSpirit.com or Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GreenTeamSpiritBiz.

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