Youth need to be encouraged: Crew

Dr. Rudy Crew keynote speaker.
Photo by Lem Peterkin

“All they (young people) need is an encouraging word,” said Educator Dr. Rudolph Crew who shared these simple, yet impactful words during Brooklyn Community Church’s (BCC) Annual Education Sunday Celebration on Sept. 28, 2014.

While speaking from the pulpit, he talked about partnering with BCC to reach the local community to share the importance of education and job creation. Fifteen years after serving as Chancellor of New York City Public Schools, Dr. Crew is making waves as president of Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn.

Scholarships and incentive awards were given to BCC students ranging from elementary to graduate school. More than $4,000 was awarded to achieving students; “a great feat, for a small church,” said Deacon Sharlene Brown-Lee, president of BCC Scholarship Committee. Ms. Brown-Lee also serves as assistant district attorney in Kings County. “The church is committed to education and will do whatever it can to help students achieve their goals,” she said.

Distinguished guests included New York State Senator Velmanette Montgomery, Medgar Evers Provost Dr. Agustine Okereke, Supreme Court Judges L. Priscilla Hall and Ruth Shillingford. BCC participants included. P. S.67 PTA President and Recording Secretary Patrick Cabiness and Angelique Wharton.

Led by Rev. Dr. Fred Lucas, BCC continues to fulfill its mission of bringing communities together — in faith and beyond. BCC will celebrate its fourth anniversary in October with speakers and will welcome Brooklyn Bourough President Eric Adams at its Men’s Day speaker on Nov. 16, 2014.

From left, Yvette Randall, Medgar Evers Provost Dr. Agustine Okereke, Brianna Robinson, Medgar Evers President Rudy Crew and Deacon Sharlene Brown-Lee, president of BCC Scholarship Committee.
Photo by Lem Peterkin

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