WOW! It’s Carnival Time

Immediately after Gizelle Fritz’ third-prize finish overall at last year’s Labor Day Carnival Parade with “What a Dream”, she and her sister, Dawn, took a critical look at their successes and challenges and “tried to find ways of mastering future presentations,” she told Caribbean Life.

“What a Dream” also placed third in the small-band category with Fritz’ Queen of the Band also placing third in the overall competition.

“In the midst of this discussion,” Gizelle said, ‘‘we looked at our years in children’s carnival, both in Trinidad and New York, and considered the sacrifice of family members leaving their homes, and giving their time to assist with the production of the bands. “We also considered the parents’ and siblings’ tireless physical and financial support, as well as our friends who remain faithful. to the effort.“We also reflected on our past results and were pleased with our achievements: 1st place in 2010 and 2011.

“But our greatest satisfaction was looking back at the joy on the faces of the children and their parents on the parade route,” Fritz said at her new mas camp at 1850 Flatbush Ave., between avenues K & L.

“To our surprise,” Fritz said, she and her sister both shouted “WOW” simultaneously, and burst into uncontrollable laughter as it hit them immediately that they had come up with the name of this year’s presentation.

“We decided to put meaning to the word “WOW” as an acronym for “Watch Our Work” as they reminised on their experience with the things in nature.

The beauty of the band “What A Dream,” is expressed in the vibrant neon colors that radiate in the sunlight, with each section reflectng the dominant colors that represent different aspects of nature and the Carnival culture..

“Our masqueraders will be wearing wooden jewelry (earrings and bracelets) donated by our new sponsor, the Brooklyn-based company, Goodwoodnyc, a company that specializes in wooden jewelry and other customized items made from wood.

WOW’s three sections will portray — in Section One: Springtime Butterflies (Ages 1-5).with the slogan: “What a refreshing change from winter to spring” and depicting beautiful flowers in bloom, and bringing life to pretty, colorful butterflies in purple, yellow, pink and green.

In Section 2: ‘Evening Sunset’ (Ages 6-10) depicting Nature’s Glory shinIng brilliantly in the evening. as one marvels at the sun and its transformation as it descends on the horizon in a burst of yellow, orange and gold.

Section 3 — for 6-10-year olds, portrays ‘Carnival Time’ for ages 6-10-year-olds.

The slogan: It’s a time to have free spirit and merriment. The colors chosen are hot pink, yellow and gold..

“We look forward to a celebration that explores with color and creativity,” Gizelle says.

Section 4 — for ages 5-12yrs: ‘Rhythm of the Earth’ The earth is fertile and produces life.

With life bring movement and sound to the earth. The colors used in this section are brilliant yellow, neon green and gold.

Section5: — for ages 8-15yrs, depicts Caribbean Dancers “mesmerized by the rhythmic movements of the dancers swaying to the beat of the music.”

The blend of colors: red, purple and green skirts raised high and with a swirling movement, captivates onlokers “as they become one” the masqueraders” Gizelle says.

This year, all the individuals were encouraged to design their own costumes with help from Dawn and Giselle in a new venture, hoping to bring about the best outcome.

“Our dear friend, Judy Brackenridge from the organization, “KonQwest” in Jacksonvville FL is assisting us with the section, “Rhythm of the Earth” Gizelle says, and adds: “We are excited to take the band on the road for 2013 with our presentation “WOW” and view the kids having fun portraying their costumes chipping along to the music.”

“The band is all-inclusive and provides a fun-filled day to our masqueraders, family and friends. Our supporters and well- wishers have recognized this and have stayed with us throughout the years,” she said.

Fritz&Associates’ mission is not only to provide suppport for children in New York, but also in communities in her homeland. “As a result of our caring and sharing parents, we have in the past been able to supply books to the Diego Martin Child Welfare Library in Trinidad, and last year we supplied books for a start-up library at a kindergarten in Tunapuna, Trinidad.

Fritz&Associates also took the opportunity of a Caribean Life interview to thank “all the people who made this year’s presentation possible,”including: Goodwoodnyc, for the jewelry, Yvonne Hannibal seamstrteaa, web designer Sherard Lawson; Genesis’ Bermeo; makeup artist, Thomas Fico; and photographer [Goodwoodnyc];

For more information:

Contact info: Giselle Fritz (347) 737-9326 or; Dawn Fritz (202) 674-5024; Kathy Diamond (347) 351 1860; Judy Brackenridge (904) 343 3518.

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