Words of wisdom about image and etiquette

Image consultant Patrice daCosta.
Photo courtesy of Patrice daCosta

Making a lasting first impression is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Stoosh Images Inc., a Vallley Stream, NY image consultancy for individuals and companies is the brainchild of Patrice daCosta, an expert in color analysis, personal shopping, closet clearing, etiquette and personal development for people who want to put their best foot forward. Stoosh Images Inc. created July 2005 aims to help people feel and look better about themselves.

After hearing compliments from her peers and family, she quickly realized that image consultancy was her calling. “I noticed people would compliment me on how I put my outfits together; friends would ask me to put their outfits together and people would say “Oooh and Ahhh” over my color combinations. I realized it was a knack,” said Patrice daCosta.

DaCosta was intrigued by the name “Stoosh” which — in Jamaica, means ‘snobbish”. But despite what negative connotation “Stoosh” may have, for her it means “stylish, sophisticated and successful.”

Aside from speaking to parishioners at various churches throughout the five boroughs about personal development, business and social etiquette, and how to be modest but stylish daCosta mainly works in the Caribbean hosting various workshops.

She focuses largely on the Caribbean because of her love for the region and her belief that there is greater need for focus on image and etiquette partricularly for personal development and for career advancement.

“I focus on the Caribbean because of my love for the region,” said daCosta. “And the desire to improve the image and etiquette of the region. These areas are a huge problem and in my way, I do what I can.”

So far Stoosh has made a positive impact on various people in New York and in the Caribbean.

“I was struck by her memory and concern for detail,” said P.J. Pierre, a St. Lucia government official wrote on daCosta’s website. “She possesses a depth of knowledge that has improved my self-confidence and image.”

DaCosta’s philosophy is “Not because you live in a third world country means you have to look and act that way.” One major impact that daCosta has made is helping clients become more confident and aware of themselves.

“Little did I know that everything I was doing was not only keeping attention away from myself, but making my naturally attractive self nearly non existent to others,” said D. Way, co-pastor and teacher writing her website. “Patrice has shown me the colors that suit my complexion, and educated me on choosing appropriate styles for my body type. I have become more confident, and [I’m] getting the right attention.”

In the future daCosta hopes to become more recognized in the Caribbean and to hold workshops in Anguilla, Bahamas and St. Vincent.

She would also like to create a charitable arm for the company. Currently, she is on the board of directors for Dress for Success, Jamaica and trains volunteers how to suit women; know what clothing would suit their body type, and what colors will compliment them.

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