Women’s social movement launches new initiative

Caribbean Women's Social and Cultural Initiative celebrates 25 years

The Caribbean Women Social & Cultural Association of America (CWSCAA) celebrates its 25th anniversary with a flag-raising event to hoist the United Peoples Flag for consecration of the United Peoples Inclusive.

The event takes place Sunday, June 26, 2011, at the Global Caribbean Representation (GCR) Center at 1601 Nostrand Ave. in Brooklyn.

“We are seemingly engulfed in an era of infinite crossroads where individual differences are fiercely competing to the demise of our common good,” laments Austin H. Tuitt, the CWSCAA co-founder, who has immersed himself in the lifelong struggles of Caribbean peoples.

Tuitt, a Trinidadian-born, New York City resident for over 40 years, said he was “moved by an intense resolve to erect an edifice in which true gender harmony can prevail and flourish.”

With enthusiastic support from astute, visionary Caribbean women, he led the inauguration of the CWSCAA on June 26 1986. In a global appeal at the momentous occasion, Tuitt remarked: “The potential benefits to be derived from Caribbean unity in America are too vital to our global community to be left to chance.”

“CWSCAA was impregnated to deliver the United Peoples Inclusive, an all-encompassing abode wherein individuals and collectives coexist, indefinitely, by their trading of ideas while engaging in joint or support-based entrepreneurial ventures which foster job creation that maintains global socioeconomic equilibrium,” Tuitt said.

In preparation for the UPI delivery, CWSCAA produced the United Peoples Flag (an emblem of perpetual rally) on May 13 2006, via an open 18-month graphic arts contest. Each contesting artist was required to incorporate in the flag design: By Our Peoples Will – From Grassroots Up.

Diaspora LinkageLinking the Caribbean with its Diaspora while honoring women of the world and punctuating her 25-year accomplishments, CWSCAA launched the Global Grassroots-Up Entrepreneurial Summit in Trinidad and Tobago, on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

“The grassroots-up summit establishes our clearinghouse model for continued socioeconomic leveraging,” Tuitt said, adding that grassroots-up inclusion advances global sustainability.”

The decisive venture was hosted by the Sangre Grande Development Foundation in Trinidad, a local CWSCAA offspring.

“On heels of the historic summit,” Tuitt said, “UPI stands dedicated to ceaseless socioeconomic leveraging, .

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