With kisses to Africa

Album Producer Eisaku “Selecta A” Yamaguch.
Photo by C. Harrison

Implemented and created for the purpose of helping the people of Africa, “Reggae Loves Africa,” hit the airwaves and social medias, with a bang. It was inspired with pure love for Africa. With this in mind, its producer researched, found some of the best African reggae songs sung by some of the most dynamic and intriguing reggae music icons, in the Reggae Music Industry to put this compilation together to produce a slice of history. Moreover, because of the songs’ longevity and the singers’ social caliber in the industry, the album resonated with everyone immediately.

According to the Album’s Producer, Eisaku “Selecta A” Yamaguchi, the album was ready in December 2013, but he waited because he wanted its release to be coincided with the late President of Africa, Nelson Mandel’s birthday—July 18, 2014. “The actual released date was July 15, 2014,” he explained.

“All my life I wanted to do something for Africa, I think all people come from Africa. The core concept is that people in Africa needs help and reggae music, always teaches something. I voice my opinion about Africa and nobody listens to me, I am nobody. So, why not we bring some Jamaican artists together talking about Africa; using strong messages and my concept,” revealed the humble Producer.

In addition, the producer also said that he wanted to show through reggae music and by putting this album together, that Jamaican reggae artists, loves Africa. He pointed out that his research saw him through 200 and something, album tracks—all about Africa, before he could choose these tracks for this project. “I chose these tracks because of their strong content,” said Selecta A. He further adheres to the fact that he was looking for the strongest message in songs for the album and found that these tracks would suffice.

The album comprises 12 tracks all paying tribute to the Mother Land. Its singers include: Buju Banton, “Mama Africa,” Screwdriver, “Africa,” and Warrior King, “Africa Shall Be Free,” Queen Ifrica, “Calling Africa,” Freddie McGregor, “Africa,” Luciano, “One Way Ticket,” Bares Hammond, “Talking Africa,” Morgan Heritage, “Africa Here We Come,” Dennis Brown, “Africa We Want To Go,” Tony Rebel, “Africa,” Natural Black, “Africa,” and Tarrus Riley, “Africa Waits.” While these assorted songs have been released on the market for sometimes–it is refreshing and something else to actually hear them under one roof and on one album-is reeling. The magnitude and culminating dynamics of the lyrics are awesome and speaks for themselves.

Selecta A’s rapport with the album’s writers and singers are of one accord on this project. He conceded that they all love the compilation and gave him lots of support. Especially, Luciano, who he said espoused him with plenty of comfort by way of talking to him and gave him waves of advice. He noted that he wanted to get a sense of unity from this album.

The album is for keeps if you are a collector — this album has to be a part of your collection catalog. This album also has everything on it, from dance tunes to mellow tunes and conscious lyrics… if you need something to hold a vibe or fine yourself in a cultural mix, this is the album to spin more to the point, if you are in a mix and need to (bun some fire), via dj Dub Master Chris, here you are. Years to come you will thank Selecta A, for creating it.

“I am very excited about the CD. I would like to thank the VP Family, Mrs. Patricia Chin, O.D., Mr. Christopher Chin and Randy Chin for the opportunity and support they have shown me and to do this project. These artists are my stars, I grew up listening to them. The album is online in stores and everywhere else. It is also on Spottily and on you tube,” said the producer.

The producer, who also has a keen sense of tenacity, wants to thank Jamaica and Jamaicans. “I love Jamaica and reggae music, thanks for the opportunity to make this CD,” he said.

Selecta A who began working at VP Records since 1998 is a music producer. The album’s executive producers are Christopher Chin and Eisaku “Selecta A” Yamaguchi.

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