Willabus launches campaign for Council District 46

Dimple Willabus, center, is pictured with her family, from left, daughter, Anaya, youngest known author in New York, husband, NYPD Lieutenant Winston Willabus, daughter, Chantelle, and son, Brandon.
Dimple Willabus, center, is pictured with her family; from left, daughter,Anaya,husband, NYPD Lieutenant Winston Willabus, daughter,Chantelle and son, Brandon.

In a passionate call to action, R. Dimple Willabus, Democratic candidate for the City New York Council District 46, called on women to step forward from the backseat, become leaders and join the movement to make the change that “our community really needs.”

Willabus, a 30-year media professional and the C.E.O. of Rhythm Nation Entertainment, a business and entertainment consulting firm, made these powerful remarks during a campaign launch and fundraiser at Rishavena on Flatbush Avenue, on Thursday, Dec. 12, with her family beside her.

“This is not only about a campaign, it’s a movement,” said the mother, wife, and third-generation business owner, who, 10 years ago opened a storefront in the same District 46, where the seat will be left vacant due to term limit.

Willabus, a Caribbean Life 2019 Impact Awardee, said she is paving the way for her children, the next generation. “I have to pave the way and create a path for my daughters, Chantelle and Anaya, and the young girls who look like me.”

This is also about educating our young girls and young women, and empowering them for the next level, said the candidate, who has listened to the problems of the community.

“I am about making changes, sometimes you have to be on the other side you have to make that decision to make that changes our community needs, sometimes people don’t know where to start, so they need that voice strong enough to stand up say I am going to be the leader, lets get it done.

She said many times residents are not civically engaged in their community, to come out and be activated, that is why we are being robbed with it comes to education to some degree. Our youth needs to be taught at an early age, and to get involved in every step of the way in the community.

She noted that only 13000 individuals of District 46, voted in the last City Council election, where there is a population of 170,000 eligible voters but only eight percent go to the polls — a staggering statistic — and more shocking is 53 percent are African Americans, who comprise most of the votership but do not come out to vote.

Disengaged members in their communities or their lack of knowledge about the voting process are to blame, said Dimple, who was born in a small village in Georgetown, Guyana.

And in many cases youth are being disenfranchised on the issue of housing. One out of every 10 children are in temporary housing or shelters, said Willabus, who is running on the platform of ‘Integrity, Leadership and Commitment.’

According to her campaign website, she wants to reclaim the community by putting people first, increasing educational funding, creating better youth and senior services, improving social programs and creating economic growth through small business development.

Like so many other New Yorkers who have migrated to the United States, she has lived the struggle, stayed true to her faith and morals and has found success through a commitment to public service and advocating for her community.

This fervent young woman is sure to make history, when she takes to the campaign with the full support from her community, including her daughter, Anaya Anaya, the youngest known author in New York, eight-year-old son, Brandon, her multi-media professional daughter, Chantelle, and husband NYPD Lieutenant, Winston Willabus behind her.

Willabus, would like to thank attorney Nigel Blackman, volunteers and many others who are supporting her.

To join the Friends of Dimple Willable campaign, or connect with Dimple go to www.dimplewillabus.com, [email protected]dimplewillabus.com, and platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or by calling 347) 470-8288.

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