WICB must take full responsibility

The West Indies cricket team pulling out of the tour of India created a bad image for the West Indies Cricket Board which is responsible for managing West Indies cricket. The West Indies Cricket Board should have stepped in and solve the problem before it escalated causing the players to leave India before the completion of the tour.

WICB President Dave Cameron and WIPA President Wavell Hinds should have travelled to India and solve this issue face to face with the players. The response by the WICB was grossly inadequate and that entity must take full responsibility.


West Indies are expected to host India in 2016 but such a tour is unlikely to take place because of the unstable situation surrounding the WICB and its players. BCCI carried huge losses because of the West Indies players abandoning the remaining of the series.

The West Indies are expected to host India for three Tests, five QDI’s and a Twenty20. Other cricketing nations may be very uneasy on signing on with the West Indies Cricket Board. Close to US $65 million in damages may be claimed by the BCCI because the West Indies players pulled out of the series. The West Indies team is expected to tour South Africa this December for three Tests, five QDI’s and two Twenty20s, but this tour may also be in jeopardy.

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