White House officials meet with New York Chamber on Obama jobs initiative

The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce (GNYCC) hosted an official meeting of the White House Business Council on October 6 to focus on President Obama’s American Jobs Act’s “Putting America Back to Work Initiative.”

The Obama Adminisration was represented by Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation John D. Porcari, who was the special guest speaker. He was accompanied by Special Assistant Vinn White and Administration’s Deputy Director of Intelligence, Security and Emergency Response Division, Robert M. Lee Jr.

Porcari said the purpose of their mission was to help the Obama Administration identify and set the budget agenda for New York City based on the needs of New Yorkers.

The focus of the Administration, Porcai said, was on creating jobs through infrastructural improvements to commuter transit systems, such as MTA, Metro North Railroad, renovations to air-traffic control systems, (rebuilding) 150 miles of interstate highway systems and roadways, and Port Authority renovations.

Porcaroi also emphasized the importance of the Obama policies regarding such issues as the Buy America Products Initiative and the strict policy of dealing with American companies. Focus was also on providing governmental tax credits to companies hiring veterans.

Preferences would also be given to small businesses, especially women-owned businesses regarding governmental contracts.

By virtue of its 22,000 membership of New York City business owners, GNYCC said, it assembled a group of key movers, shakers and decision makers to interface with White House Business Council representatives.

“The overall objective would be determined based upon the number of jobs created and jobs saved due to the initiative,” Porcari said.

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