West Indies cricket needs overhaul

Two-year old Zekil Martin follows through while batting during an exhibition by the Antigua’s Cricket Technical Academy at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in St. Peter’s, Antigua.
AP Photo/Andres Leighton
AP Photo/Andres Leighton

Some crucial changes are necessary in West Indies Cricket in order to have progress. The manner in which the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) conducts its business is not only frustrating to the region but to the territorial boards. The multiple problems that the WICB cannot solve are causing a grave effect on the development of youths who are interested in the sport.

Cricket Curriculum

in Schools

All schools in the Caribbean must have a curriculum for cricket in order to provide elementary training in the sport. After learning about the game’s history, rules and regulations, this knowledge should cause participants of the game to have respect for the sport.

Fully Equipped Players

With the theoretical and practical training that young cricketers would attain by the age of 19 they should be ready to attend the cricket academy established by the WICB and receive more advanced training, which would fully prepare them to be ambassadors of the sport.

Discipline should be at a high standard and players should excel in their sport.

Cricketers knowledge of the sport at this level should be at a high standard. A player cannot participate in a sport without fully understanding what the game is about and how to compete professionally especially on the international level. The exhibition of all types of skills are expected to be fully explored.

The Thought Of Winning

Is Wonderful

Videos must be shown to young cricketers and these videos must be based on the era when the West Indies excelled in the sport in the seventies. This must serve as a boost and encouragement to young cricketers. Youths must have the material and knowledge in order to be capable of achieving success. It is the WICB responsibity to ensure that the youths in the region get the support.

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