West Indies cricket needs major restructuring

West Indies’ Johnson Charles prepares to drive the ball against the Prime Minister’s XI during their one-day cricket match in Canberra, Australia, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013.
AP Photo/Rick Rycroft

After some attempts have been made at the management level of the West Indies Cricket Board to enhance West Indies cricket, much more must be done at the cricket level with coaches, captains, selectors and how players go about their duties. Some awful decisions are being made at the cricket level and this leads into a crisis. Captaincy and decision making are critical to a team’s success. West Indies cricket team seem to have found the negative end in their performances. West Indies batting has fallen apart and what is disturbing is the top ranking batsmen have been inconsistent.

Internationally known and highly respected psychologist Rudi Webster should be re-instated for a stint with the West Indies players. He did some work on captaincy before and he surely is needed again.


West Indies Head Coach Ottis Gibson is in his second term as coach. After his first three-year contract expired, he was asked to continue for another three years, which he accepted. Things have not gone quite well in his second term apart from defeating Zimbabwe in the Caribbean. West Indies lost the Champions Trophy in England, the Tri-Nation Series and now the Pakistan Series in the Caribbean. It is quite simple that if a head coach cannot contribute to a team’s success, he or she must take leave from the position.

The West Indies, after winning the ICC World Twenty20, as since fell very low in their performances. Twenty20 cricket differs from 50 (overs) and apparently most of the West Indies batsman are having problems going through their innings to score huge totals. Some of the West Indies batsmen are getting out after useful starts. Johnson Charles, a talented and hard striker of the ball has been getting out quite easily. Head Coach Ottis Gibson plays a pivotal role in assisting players with their flaws.

Too many failures with the batting. Captain Dwayne Bravo, Chris Gayle, Darren Bravo, Kieron Pollard and Marlon Samuels failed to be consistent. Why the top batsmen continue to fail? After the West Indies captured the Twenty20 world title, it was expected that they would have strived to win many more competitions.


Dwayne Bravo failed miserably with the bar and he has been failing for a long time. As captain, one’s performance must be exemplary for the team to follow.

A new coach with some new strategies and a different personality is needed forthwith. Gibson has gone a long way and his contribution has ended. Nothing new is expected from him because he has exhibited all that he was capable of. A new head coach is needed to help the players understand that they must play as world champions. The West Indies cricket team showed no advantages playing on home soil. Some explanation must be given for the team’s dismal batting.

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