WABC sets Web page to ailing Gil Noble

WABC the television station Gil Noble has worked for 43 years recently dedicated a page on their web portal in order to accommodate friends of the 79-year-old journalist who suffered a stroke earlier this month.

With a banner indication alerting “Well wishes to Gil Noble,” the page provides space for comments to the station and the host of the Sunday staple for many viewers of the Emmy-award winning public service presentation known as “Like It Is.”

Launched soon after news broke that the broadcaster was stricken, the station released a statement confirming Noble: “has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke.”

“He has been stabilized and is resting comfortably with family by his side.”

The official announcement from the media outlet Noble has worked since 1967 added “We look forward to welcoming Gil back to work.”

Channel 7s general manager Dave Davis visited the television personality and dispatched a press release to colleagues and staffers at the station saying:

“I just visited with his family at the hospital, and the good news is he has stabilized and all his vital signs are good.”

“For those of us who know Gil, we know the best medicine is his fighting spirit, and all the support from his family and friends.”

For 43 years, viewers of the channel 7 noon broadcast have been privy to the in-depth coverage Noble regularly devotes to African-American icons Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Cong. Adam Clayton Powell, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, singer/actress Lena Horne and others.

His expose on the drug epidemic in Harlem during the 1960’s and coverage of Brooklyn’s Crown Heights revolt remain standouts to Noble’s incisive presentations aired at the station.

Since launching the page, numerous grateful viewers and fans have posted messages expressing gratitude for the continuous years of cultural coverage of events and personalities. One stated:

“Hotep Mr. Noble, as I point to my watch, no it’s not “time for a commercial break,” yes it’s time for a speedy recovery. You know “the name of the program.” (:

To post a message, log onto www.wabc.com

Bill Cosby to keynote Brooklyn ‘Dream’ fete

Entertainer Bill Cosby will return to Brooklyn’s Medgar Evers College on Sept. 27. On this occasion he is not expected to provide the sobering commentary he delivered the last time he visited the ethnically diverse campus.

At that time he spoke about the state of Black fathers; the downward spiral of trends in teen fashion – sagging pants, bare-belly outfits, backwards caps, flip-flop slippers and he rebuked parents for burdening teachers with the responsibility of meting out discipline to youths.

He has been invited back to deliver a keynote address on the theme “Sustaining the Vision and Fulfilling the Dream.”

Asked by organizers of the Founders, Visionaries and Alumni Dinner, the renowned comedian, activist and actor will likely interject some of the poignant commentary he delivered to students a few years ago when he addressed a packed auditorium at the Brooklyn campus.

The September event will begin with a reception at 6 p.m. in the Academic Building at 1638 Bedford Ave. Honorees include Byron Lewis, chairman of UniWorld , Annabelle Miller, VP sales at Macy’s and Dr. Bill Cosby.

Founders of the City University of New York institution named for Civil Rights NAACP activist Medgar Evers include the late Cong. Shirley Chisholm, City Councilmember Al Vann, Dr. Marcella Maxwell, educator, Elsie Richardson, activist, Judge William Thompson, Sr.

For tickets and more info. Call (718)270-6968.

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