UPI Elderhood Rite of Passage — A Legend Untold

UPI stands for United Peoples Inclusive, a movement poised in a 26-year-plus history rooted in the Caribbean Women Socio-Cultural Association of America (CWSCAA) celebrating past and present grassroots-up legends whose stories typically remain untold. This incisive movement highlights and celebrates the selfless tenacity of such persons and groups whose altruism supplies the human virtues of originality, instincts, skills, innovation and drive to enlarge the marketplace of competing ideas where socioeconomic justice inherently struggles to advance sustainable global harmony.

With this in focus, CWSCAA was inaugurated, on June 26 1986, at the New York-based United Nations; to highlight the fact that woman embodies the true soil of creation from which fruits of humanity (good, bad or indifferent) derive. Thus, woman should be justly honored and relied upon to advance gender-accord—the bedrock ingredient of nurture for wholesome building-blocks spanning the global community.

Elderhood Rite of Passage

From said frame of reference where woman gets justly honored and relied upon to secure general health of society, every societal construct of peaceful prosperity should be erected on a foundation of true Elderhood for enduring growth and development. Admitting that western social structures scantily rely on this authentic African tradition; for revisiting this cultural vitality of paying respect to the Elders, CWSCAA gave birth to the Elders Recognition & Respect Accord (ERRA) on May 16 2004. Thus the UPI cycle came of age on CWSCAA’s 25th anniversary. Therefore, in perpetual honor to womanhood, her right to preside over the Elderhood Rite of Passage throughout the global community is impartially confirmed.

Following his seventy-fifth birthday, November 17th 2012, Austin H. Tuitt (CWSCAA’s Progenitor) will receive the First-Elder-rite-of-passage honor citing the paragon body of work he amassed building the United Peoples Inclusive edifice. “On this enduring rite-of-passage axis, Tuitt stresses; UPI is that touchstone voice routinely heralding the untold stories of our past and yet emerging legends.”

Community Alliance Bloc-By-Bloc

The conventional definition for bloc says that a bloc consists of a group of persons, institutions or nations pursuing a common goal. This means that to safeguard the foundation of a region or neighborhood, various blocs must be interconnected with an identified common purpose in focus. On this premise, UPI launched the Community Alliance Bloc-By-Bloc (CABBB) medium on June 24 2012. UPI concedes that in our rapidly expanding technological era, the basic common needs of our communities are likewise increasing. Therefore, blocs emerging from diverse social sectors such as education, health care, culture, politics, industry and commerce must be inclusive and interconnected for protecting general public interest. It is by working in concert; blocs adeptly fuel the engine of sustainable socioeconomic justice.

UPI wants to connect your Bloc

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