UN welcomes Haiti’s provisional president

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, as well as the UN and its partners in Haiti, have welcomed Sunday’s election by the French-speaking Caribbean country’s National Assembly of Jocelerme Privert as interim president.

Privert’s election on Sunday came one week after the departure of former President Michel Martelly.

“This election stems from the agreement signed on Feb. 6 between Haitian stakeholders to preserve institutional continuity and further the electoral process,” said a statement issued on Monday by Ban’s spokesperson.

In welcoming this “crucial first step,” the UN Secretary-General urged all parties to work together towards the implementation of the roadmap contained in the agreement “to ensure the return to constitutional normality.

“The Secretary-General expresses his confidence that the stabilization of Haiti and the democratic process will continue in a peaceful and collaborative manner,” the statement said.

According to reports, Privert will serve as interim President of function for 120 days.

Martelly had left office on Feb. 7 without a successor being named.

The second round of elections, scheduled for Jan. 24, 2016, was subsequently postponed, following mass protests and the opposition’s reported refusal to participate in the process.

“[The] election is a fundamental step in the implementation of the Political Agreement for institutional continuity, signed on Feb. 5 between the branches of the executive and legislative branches of power,” said the UN Special Representative in Haiti, Sandra Honoré, in a joint statement with other members of the international community represented in the so called “Core Group” — Brazil, Canada, Spain, France, United States, European Union and Organization of American States.

The Group reiterated its invitation to all stakeholders to work together in achieving this political agreement, “to ensure the return to constitutional normality, stabilizing institutions of the Republic, the appointment of a consensus prime minister and the continuation of the electoral process on time.”

The UN and its partners in Haiti also called on all stakeholders to uphold the best interests of the country, in a spirit of dialogue and compromise, and in a peaceful, violence-free climate.

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