Ultimate Police & Fire Championships

Photo Credit: SVG Consulate, Northern Ireland.

The Caribbean was represented by a delegation from the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service — many with Vincentian roots, at the World Police and Fire Games (WPFG) 2013 at King’s Hall in Belfast.

Accompanied by Dr. Christopher Stange, the St. Vincent and Grenadines consul to Northern Ireland, members of the contingent — cheered by spectators, proudly parading around the packed stadium in the opening ceremony of the Games.

The WPFG are third in size after the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, with competitors from over 70 countries competing in 60 different sports.

The Caribbean athletes will be participating in a variety of events — from athletics (track and field), orienteering and the ultimate firefighter championship.

The WPFG is a biennial athletic event, open to active and retired law enforcement and fire service personnel throughout the world. The WPFG Federation is an arm of the California Police Athletic Federation (CPAF), an American non-profit organization. The games were first held in 1967.

For more information, go to: www.2013wpfg.com

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