Two hefty servings of Caribbean comedy

Comedian Trevor Eastmond.

Two superstars of Caribbean comedy, Trevor Eastmond of Barbados and Sprangalang of Trinidad and Tobago, will share the spotlight Saturday evening, July 19, in a special comedy showcase presentation designed to treat fans to generous helpings of the crackerjack material that has made the two headliners household names on the comedy circuit.

Unique Caribbean Promotions present the event at Brooklyn’s Tropical Paradise Ballroom, Utica Avenue starting at 8:30 p.m.

Eastmond and Sprangalang have long been recognized as masters in their field. Eastmond’s remarkable wit has served him not only as a first-rate performer, but he is also that rare breed of comedian who writes all of his material. The sheer volume of rib-tickling stuff he has turned out over the years has been a towering compliment to his uncanny ability. Small wonder that he has long reigned as the unchallenged king of comedy in Barbados.

Versatile Sprangalang is pretty much without equal as a storyteller. With topics that can be as varied as political developments (in Trinidad and Tobago or elsewhere), other social issues, relationships, childhood experiences… Sprangalang has fine-tuned the art of bringing a folksy, comical spin to what is served up whenever he does his thing as a raconteur, invariably leaving audiences in stitches. Like Easemond, he too crafts his own material.

The pairing of Eastmond and Sprangalang is a deliberate and strategically programmed one-two punch geared for wall-to-wall laughs. The audience is guaranteed an evening in which the two titans of Caribbean humor, in their extended turns on stage, will be rolling out the best they have to offer.

The all-comedy evening of entertainment will be followed by a complimentary after-party that features the deejay sounds of King Papa Rocky. Tropical Paradise Ballroom is located at 1367 Utica Avenue, between Foster Avenue and Farragut Road.

Tickets for the July 19 comedy bash are available at Tropical Paradise Restaurant and other neighborhood outlets.

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