Tutorial Alumni invests in school soccer

From left, Tutorial Alumni executive members: John Callender, Keith Cadogan, Barbara Sampson, Lorraine Edinboro, Joyce Jervis-Henry, (Stanley Harmon, director of the program) and Dale C. Edinboro (TA).
Photo by Tangerine Clarke
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The New York Chapter of the Guyana Tutorial Alumni Association is proud to be a part of reinstating High School football in Georgetown, that would not only revitalize the once competitive sport, it will also encourage values, commitment and dedication to academic excellence.

Tutorial, whose support has helped students at its alma mater to maintain a high overall percentage, is the first to sign-on after being approached by New York High School Soccer coach, Stanly Harmon.

The coach thanked the group for its commitment to supply equipment and uniforms during a recent executive meeting at the Dale and Lorraine Edinboro Culture Barn in Brooklyn.

The Guyana Sports Development Foundation, in collaboration with the Scotia Bank Pepsi Football Academy began its first season on April 9, thanks to a pilot program in 10 schools, which was funded by the two business giants, Demerara Distilleries-Pepsi and Scotia Bank.

The competition takes place at Providence National Stadium for a two-week period, during the spring season and continue during the semester.

Harmon, a Guyanese American, is using his 25 years of experience, many as head coach of the City University Medger Evers – to unveil the program in Georgetown where he noted the infrastructure, coaches and referees were in place.

The program received a boost from the former soccer player who conduced a four-day training session for the physical education teachers in the participating schools.

These sessions, he explained helped to bring the fitness instructors up to date with the rules of the sport as it is played today. The skills acquired will also be passed on to other schools to fully prepare the players for competition.

After years of proposals to the Guyana Football Federation, Harmon was given the financial support from these stakeholders. However, he seeks assistance from alumni associations in the Diaspora due to the estimated cost of $26,000 per year for the program that will not all be funded by the businesses.

“I am a product of high school soccer, so I know how important it is for both boys and girls to participate in sports as part of their school activities,” said Harmon, adding, “many Alumni already provide assistance to their alma mater, so we wanted to include them in this pilot program that would eventually expand to many more schools nationwide.”

Harmon, who said it would be the responsibility of the principal to ensure that the players maintain academic excellence to stay on a team, is encouraging other associations in New York to participate in the program.

This he said would instill discipline in the students and encourage healthy competition that in the past showcased exciting matches. For further information, contact Stanley Harmon at – [email protected]

Students are pictured in Georgetown, Guyana with coaches for the pilot program.

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