Tropicalfete Inc unveils its Labor Day band

Tropicalfete Inc. unveils the Abyss “Under The Sea,” their 2013 mas presentation for Labor Day, which is being hosted this year by Optimum Events Pro, a premiere events planning company in Brooklyn, New York.

The Mas Camp is located at 638 East 32nd St., between Glenwood and Farragut, a location simply known as “D Spot.” Janelle Cabrera, the founder of Optimum Events Pro is known for producing a series of events encompassing various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. One of her own events is an all exclusive Labor Day fete including live soca bands, disc jockeys out of Trinidad and Tobago, soca artistes and more. This year’s event will feature “Zoelah” the night before Labor Day.

This year the band seeks to transport patrons through its costumes “Under the Sea.”

The theme is an ode to the wonders of the sea; an exploration of its magic and mysteries, its scenic beauty, its fascination and myriad life forms. For additional information, [email protected], 646-504-3303, [email protected] and 347-860-9085.

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