Triple tropical threat looms in the Caribbean

The Philadelphia-based AccuWeather News Service says two of three budding tropical systems in the Atlantic will approach the Caribbean, Central America and the United States in the coming days.

AccuWeather, which provides weather service worldwide, said on Thursday that three batches of thunderstorms are moving westward across the tropical Atlantic within a swath of moisture at midweek.

From west to east, the three systems have been dubbed 91L, 92L and 93L.

AccuWeather said such designation is assigned between 90 and 99, when there is potential for the formation of a tropical depression or storm within several days. The “L” represents potential formation for the Atlantic Ocean.

“Nintey-one L may become a tropical depression or storm as it moves through the Lesser Antilles on Friday and the Caribbean Sea on Saturday,” according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski.

Kottlowski said this feature is likely to bring an uptick in showers and thunderstorms in the Windward and southern Leeward Islands to end the week.

He said how much strengthening occurs will determine the intensity of rainfall, winds and seas, adding that this system already has a weak circulation.

“Inhibitive strong winds aloft are projected to diminish in the path of 91L, which may allow the feature to become organized and strengthen,” AccuWeather said.

It said the most likely path of 91L is westward across the Caribbean this weekend, which could bring the system near Central America early next week.

AccuWeather said steering winds are likely to guide the second area of disturbed weather farther north than 91L.

“We project 92L to pass over or just north of the Leeward Islands this weekend,” Kottlowski said.

He said some dry air has become drawn into 92 L, which could hinder its development for a time.

“Like 91L, this feature also has a weak circulation,” Kottlowski said. “If 92L can overcome the dry air, it has a chance at becoming a depression or tropical storm this weekend.”

Following a wave of non-related thunderstorms this weekend, Kottlowski said an uptick in thunderstorms from 92L could reach the northwestern Bahamas and South Florida by Tuesday.

He said the system farthest to the east, 93L, will take a west-northwest past the next few days.

“However, a turn toward the northwest is likely this weekend,” Kottlowski said. “Ninety-three L may never be a threat to land in the western part of the Atlantic basin.”

He said this system, which had a circulation immediately after departing the coast of Africa may become a tropical system this weekend and could strengthen significantly if it avoids dry air and strong westerly winds aloft next week.

Kottlowski said additional batches of thunderstorms will continue to roll westward from Africa in the coming weeks, adding that the next six to eight weeks “represent the heart of the hurricane season.

“As the peak of the hurricane season approaches, on Sept. 10, the likelihood of tropical storm and hurricane formation will increase due to warm water, shrinking dry air and diminishing winds,” he said.

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