Trinidad&Tobago: A nation of angry people

Trinidad and Tobago has become a nation “of angry people”, principal of St Mary’s College, Fr Ronald Mendes lamented to the school’s Sixth Form graduating class as he urged them to be of service and help turn around the country.

“We have a very serious problem in our country, so much so, that we’ve become angry people,” Mendes told the 2012 graduating class at the Banquet & Conference Centre, MovieTowne, Mucurapo, on Wednesday evening.

Mendes spoke of reckless driving and the political divisions as examples of how people are angry.

“Look at the driving on the roads. Apart from the carnage, look at the things we have started doing to each other,” he said, also noting that citizens have allowed certain institutions to “divide us along racial, ethnic, religious and political lines. That is a national problem.”

Mendes said the graduation class of young men from “every possible religion, every hue of colour, every texture of hair and every shape of eye” can show the rest of the country how to be united as they are.

“You have a responsibility to break down divisions in this nation. You have learnt, from a Christian perspective, to love one another,” said Mendes.

He appealed to those who would be going abroad to further their studies, to return and make the country a better place.

“Your nation needs you to come back here. I invite every one of you to commit your heart, soul and life to this nation,” he said.

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