Tournament of trump cards: All-Fours world cup crowns Canadian team

The annual All-Fours World Cup tournament crowned the borough’s best players of the trick-taking card game at Pacplex Sports Facilities in Canarsie. The meet — managed and headed by the All-Fours Alliance USA, featured 42 teams battling it out for the title, and The Untouchables Canada team claimed the top prize. The competition was filled with a lot of action and skilled players, making for a noteworthy event this year, said the president of the organizing body.

“We had a lot of accomplished teams this year, and this was one of the best world cups we’ve had in years — everything went really great,” said Michael Mollineau.

The three-day tournament, mostly consisting of teams of about 15 members or more, started the first rounds of games on June 22. This year’s competitors showed strong performances and a lot of unpredictable outcomes, even leading to the quick dismissal of the previous winners, Original Eagles added Mollineau.

“The defending champions from last year lost pretty early on but they got to take part in the other,” he said.

All-Fours is a card game commonly played in many eastern Caribbean countries. The objective of the game is to come out on top with the most tricks of valuable trump cards against your opposing team. It is played with four players, in teams of two.

The All-Fours Alliance USA (AFAUSA) formed in Brooklyn 30 years ago, bringing the national card game of Trinidad and Tobago to its Diaspora that settled in the borough.

Losing teams still have a chance to win other prizes in the challenge trophy games for the prestige cup. While 10 teams make it forward, the other 32 play for the minor cup in the round of 16. In that competition, only eight teams make it forward, before it comes down to the top four.

The runner-up team were second place winners ATT, the Matrix team from Queens won third place, and fourth place went to Brooklyn’s Tornadoes team, according to Mollineau.

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