Touch Radio Kiddies Band goes ‘Under De Sea’

Aaliyah Cooper, 12, portraying “Mermaid.”
Photo by Nelson A. King
Photo by Nelson A. King

Formed just four months ago, Touch Radio Kiddies Band goes ‘Under De Sea’ for Labor Day.

“The theme comes from continuous brainstorming amongst the producers, but its true origin comes from the Caribbean people’s relationship to the sea,” said Trinidadian bandleader Dwayne Raye, co-producer with compatriot Nikki Cross, in a Caribbean Life interview.

“Without bodies of water that surround us, our life and celebrations of life – carnival, playing mas, etc. – would be impossible,” he added. “It is an ode to the sea through our children.”

Raye – who, over the years, participated in a number of bands in the West Indian American Day Carnival parade, including Hawks International, Savage, Borokeete and Chocolate City – said “Under De Sea” comprises six female and two male sections.

The female sections are: Mother of the Sea, Mermaid, Angel Fish, Jelly Fish, Sea Weed and Scuba Divers. Jelly Fish and Scuba Diver are the only male sections.

With about 100 masqueraders from throughout the Caribbean, Raye expressed confidence about placing high in the Children’s Carnival.

“We are confident that we can place high in the eyes of all with vision,” he said. “Our goals are to compete in every level with our ground-breaking ideas.

“We compete because of our background and (for) the sake of keeping up with the traditions of the various countries we represent,” he added.

“Our history should not subside because we have migrated to America but should flourish because of this melting pot,” Raye continued. “We would enjoy the idea of competing in every major carnival in America and return to our various islands to show how we have held onto the history and traditions of our people.”

He said masqueraders will sway to DJs Aces Unlimited and Dee Lady Fire.

“Masqueraders can look forward to being reminded of their initial inspiration for taking part in a band,” Raye said. “The camaraderie, the culture, the history will all be on display when we take the stage.”

The mas camp is located at 4112 Foster Ave., between Albany Avenue and 42nd Street in Brooklyn.

Raye can be reached at (917) 478-3821; or at [email protected] and [email protected].

Ada Cooper, 9, portraying “Angel Fish.”
Photo by Nelson A. King
Photo by Nelson A. King

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