Tone it down: Anger workshop to demonstrate how to relieve stress

Mental health counselor Lawrence Lovell is hosting his first public workshop on April 22 in Crown Heights. He says the workshop will help people identify common anger responses and how to resolve them.
Lawrence Lovell

Call it a tension intervention.

An East Flatbush therapist is hosting a public workshop on April 22 to assist everyday people with the stresses that can lead to anger.

In an event titled, “My Anger Workshop,” Lawrence Lovell, a licensed mental health counselor and founder of Breakthrough Solutions, will provide tips on how to recognize different forms of anger and the harm they can cause.

“The workshop will discuss healthy and unhealthy responses to anger, the personal dangers of anger, and intervention on how to prepare for and handle the moment of anger,” said Lovell. “People will learn how to identify and acknowledge negative responses to anger, and they’ll be given insight on what is at stake when they use negative responses to anger.”

Lovell says that the average everyday person can be perfectly fine, but a slight change in setting can trigger a different attitude. That leads to the most common ways people express anger, such as raising their voice and exhibiting irrational behavior, said Lovell.

“I engage with individuals that are not angry throughout the majority of their day; however, they [then] engage with a person, place, or thing that often causes them to have a lower frustration tolerance than they typically have,” he said. “As a result they find themselves responding to anger using yelling, isolation, or poor decision-making , just to name a few, during these challenging times.”

Lovell said he will also provide workshop participants with several solutions on how to react to stressful situations, and outline step-by-step points they can used to discover how they can effectively make attitude changes.

“These individuals would benefit very much from an anger workshop that provides them personal development to grow past these triggers in their lives,” said Lovell. “Participants learn practical action steps on how to move confidently knowing what they can do to manage anger throughout their life.”

The two-hour event is open to guests 18-years-old and up, and can be attended by single individuals, relatives, and couples. The workshops deal with ways to resolve anger in a variety of ways, and can be particularly useful to couples going through issues or families dealing with rivalries.

“This workshop is valuable for a variety of relationships including intimate relationships, family relationships, professional relations, and friendships,” said Lovell. “This workshop will benefit guests by helping them communicate and engage with others more effectively in both their useful personal and professional relationships.”

“My Anger Workshop” at 1000 Dean St. between Classon and Franklin avenues in Crown Heights, (646) 475-2776,]. April 22 at 3 pm. $27.

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