Tips to avoid injuries while spring cleaning

(StatePoint) Cleaning your home from top to bottom this spring? Do so with care. From falls off ladders to muscle pain, heavy-duty chores can be hazardous to your health and wellness if you’re not careful.

So before you roll up your sleeves and get into the thick of it, take a moment to review some essential safety precautions:

Avoid Outdoor Mishaps

When mowing the lawn, wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes. Clear your lawn of stones, toys and other potentially hazardous debris before you begin, to prevent flying objects. Keep children away from your yard while you’re mowing.

Reduce the risk of a ladder fall by always using a stable ladder. Be sure to use the correct height ladder for the job and follow all weight restrictions. Only set ladders on level surfaces. Pay close attention to what you’re doing and climb up and down the ladder slowly and deliberately.

Treat Muscles Right

From lawn work to scrubbing floors, unusual repetitious motions can really take a toll, resulting in muscle pain or bruising. Treat your spring clean like a workout and stretch your major muscle groups before you get started.

When lifting those boxes in your basement and any other objects with heft, bend at the knees to avoid throwing your back out. If a chore is causing you pain, stop what you’re doing.

“Start out slowly to avoid placing a sudden demand on your muscles that are not use to this activity,” says Anne Meyer, MD who focuses on sports rehabilitation medicine.

If you feel stiff or sore after a long day of reaching, bending and lifting, Dr. Meyer recommends minimizing physical activity, elevating an injured arm or leg, and treating the first sign of muscle pain by applying a quick absorbing topical muscle pain reliever like Arnicare Gel.

Instead of masking pain, this homeopathic medicine works naturally with the body to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, as well as swelling from injuries and bruising. Pain management tips can be found at, where coupons are available to save $1.00 on pain relievers.

Remember to take frequent breaks. And end your long day with a relaxing bath.

Clean Safely

Cleaning products can be extremely stringent, causing irritation to your eyes, nose and throat. If opting for natural alternatives, such as vinegar or lemons is not an option, use the harsher stuff with care.

Open all windows when using harsh cleaning products, especially ammonia. Wear gloves and consider protecting your nose and mouth with a surgical mask. Place products out of reach when you’re not using them if you have pets or small children.

By following a few safety measures, you can make your spring clean a rejuvenating experience.

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