Ting names Miss Jamaica Universe spokeswoman

It’s a Jamaican Ting! At least that’s how the saying goes for the tasty blend of sweet citrus and grapefruit flavored drink. On Aug. 21, 2015 the wildly known beverage of Jamaica made a splash at Miss Lily’s in Soho. The grapefruit infused beverage is sporting a new face and spokesperson in beauty queen, Kaci Fennell, Miss Jamaica Universe 2014.

“I’m actually going on to be Miss Jamaica again because Ting is a Jamaican thing! My mother weaned me on Ting,” said Ms. Fennel. “It’s great to be apart of the Ting family and it means so much to be a part of brand Jamaica even after my reign,”

From its early beginnings in 1976, the brand has grown tremendously and is now available in most markets in the Americas, United Kingdom, Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean, and many retailers are excited about the re-branding efforts.

“We are putting some new energy behind the Ting brand,” said Carla Hollingsworth, an export manager at Pepsi Cola Jamaica. “It will be an amazing campaign through which we hope that consumers will be seeing Ting everywhere.”

Ting is currently produced in Jamaica, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Central America, but now the brand, which also features Pink Ting, a pink grapefruit twist on the original, and Diet Ting, wants to have a greater presence in the United States market.

“The objective is to grow Ting’s market share internationally through a vibrant, engaging and versatile program that transcends culture and age,” Hollingsworth explained. “Hand in hand with our re-branding exercise is our signing of a brand ambassador. We believe that Kaci Fennell is a perfect spokesperson and the best face for true Jamaican Ting! In fact she is a long time Ting drinker,”

Ms. Fennell added, “It a huge deal! Our voices are being heard and we will continue marketing and making sure that we are never forgotten, which in reality, will never happen because people love Jamaica and every Ting that comes from Jamaica!”

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