The sexiest workout ever!

Tavia Bailey, left and Tamara Marrow, right instructing dance class at Crunch Fitness.
Photo courtesy of Crunch Fitness.
Photo courtesy of Crunch Fitness

Summer is just around the corner and if you are looking for a fun way to workout “Brukwine” is a perfect fit. “‘Brukwine’ means to break out and wine,” says Autavia Bailey co-founder of “Brukwine.” “It’s place to let loose, whine and you get an amazing workout.” Brukwine is an energy filled, sweat inducing reggae and dancehall workout that has taken New York City by storm.

It was created in 2012 after Autavia (Tavia) Bailey and Tamara Marrow met each other while touring and starring in music videos with reggae artist Sean Paul. The duo have an impressive resume between them, they have danced with artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Missy Elliot.

This Dancehall style exercise provides a more feminine side to the genre. Women are clad in heels, wedges, or sneakers. Some wear “Brukwine” apparel, which includes shorts, leggings, hats, and tops. The Saturday class (Brukwine fitness party) held at the Ripley-Grier studios is like a scene from any neighborhood hot spot with a live DJ. Female reggae artist Spice’s hit song “So mi like it” boomed through the speakers.

“This my third class and second fitness party. I like the live DJ and that the creators are here,” says Jennifer Fields. “It’s just good vibes. Dancing in heels is hard especially when you’re doing all this whining up and down because it really works your legs,” she added.

Classes begin with a warm-up with the usual stretches for the neck, shoulder and legs. Followed by isolations, which teaches women how to whine, tick the waistline, along with some twerk moves. No prior dance skills are required. This is more about having fun and getting a good workout.

“It’s really about the workout. Yes, we teach steps and have a routine but our main goal is to get women to burn those 1,000 calories,” says Bailey. “Whether you have danced before or haven’t, you can come and feel comfortable.”

Those who frequent their classes are called Brukwine addicts and have said that they have never sweated so much despite the fact that they go to the gym.

“I never sweat so much since I have been going to the gym. It’s something different, it’s new, it’s a workout. My hips and thigh still hurt from the last class,” says Odett Martin. “It’s a good workout and I see why they say you could burn up to 1,000 calories.”

The third part of the class is learning the dance routines. Bailey and Marrow alternate teaching different parts of the choreography all the while keeping the crowd motivated. A diverse group of women attend these classes.

“We realized that women feel like they are apart of Brukwine, which they are. It’s not just about us. Yes, we are the creators but it’s really about community. It’s one big community!” says Marrow co-founder of “Brukwine.”

In the future the founders hope to expand throughout the five boroughs. So far there are classes in Manhattan and Brooklyn. There are classes every Wednesday and every other Friday and Saturday at Ripley Grier Studios. Also, they have classes every Thursday at Crunch, Lafayette and every Saturday at Crunch, Fort Greene. For more information and to register for classes, visit

Tamara Marrow, (left) and Tavia Bailey in Brukwine apparel.
Photo by Ukayhip photography
Photo by Ukayhip photography

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