The Promise and EP Costumes go to ‘Paradise’

After showcasing their mas solo for several years, The Promise and EP (Errol Philip) Costumes are going to “Paradise” this year WI their collaboration.

“The production for this year is somewhere in paradise, because life is a paradise, and we have to give praise for every sunlight that we see and breathe,” the Boston-based Philip told Caribbean Life.

Monica Carrington, who produces the Brooklyn-based “The Promise,” said it was easy combining her production with Philip’s since they are both originally from Gonzales in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Additionally, she said she gave way to Philip as band leader in light of a series of tragedies last year – she lost her niece in February, her mom in May and her brother in November.

“It was a disaster,” said Carrington, who has been producing mas since 1988. “So I had to lean on Errol; so this is why he took over this year.”

Philip said the combined effort comprises five sections, with at least 100 masqueraders, excluding children: Splendor, Mystical Sky, Tropical Sunset, Mardi Gras and Carnival is a Paradise.

“It’s giving praise for the blessing that has been bestowed on me over the years,” said Philip, who has been producing mas for more than 30 years, designing sections for “Legends,” renamed “Legacy.”

In addition, Philip said he has been producing mas in Boston for more than 20 years, garnering a record 10 consecutive titles and other top prizes.

“I bring the band out of love of my culture,” he said, stating that masqueraders come from “all of North America.”

Carrington agreed, stating: “It’s about keeping the culture alive, preserving the youth so they can be a better human being and contribute productively to society.”

She said “Paradise” is “synonymous with peace, prosperity and happiness.

“It is a place of contentment, where existence is positive, harmonious and, perhaps, eternal,” Carrington added.

Among others involved in the production are Selwyn Malcolm and “Miss Janelle,” Philip said.

Masqueraders will sway to the beats of DJ Heavysounds.

The mas camp is located at 226 Sullivan Place, between Rogers and Nostrand avenues.

Philip can be reached by call (617) 291-7671, Carrington at (917) 841-0313, Malcolm at (857) 247-0389, and “Miss Janelle” at (718) 350-4604.

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