‘The Peacock Elite’

Major Owens does it again with “The Peacock Elite: A Case Study of the Congressional Black Caucus.”

“The Peacock Elite,” is a documentary that outlines 24 years of Congressional Black Caucus achievements and failures; it both celebrates the triumphs of Black elected officials, as well criticize some of the short comings.

The author, Major Owens, who has been described as a sage to the community, a national treasure, an intellectual giant and a scholar recently released “The Peacock Elite” in April 2011, attended a book signing at Medgar Evers College on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011. Hundreds of dedicated fans and supporters turned out to welcome former Congressman Owens, and to get their copy of “The Peacock Elite” signed, people stood in line to shake the hand of the man with ‘the plan.’

Owens will be signing copies of his book again during the 40th anniversary of the Congressional Black Caucus on Friday, Sept. 23 at the convention center book exhibit. “The Peacock Elite” is a help to community leaders and the community at large. The Owens 300-page case study is available in both hardcover and paperback.

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