The Ball is dropping in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Rising founder, James "Jay" Hill.
Ayana Rivera

The group, Brooklyn Rising, says Brooklyn’s first New Year’s Eve ball will come to life on Thursday in a lighting ceremony attended by local politicians and New York’s elites.

Brooklyn Rising founder, James “Jay” Hill said “the shimmering ball will light up downtown Brooklyn like fireworks and bring some much-needed joy to residents.”

Hill said the event has been nearly 10 years in the making, and that the Brooklyn Rising initiative worked tirelessly with Brooklyn Borough Hall’s help to “bring to life the vision of the city’s first New Year’s Eve Ball for the countdown to 2021.”

But Hill said “this isn’t going to be a traditional New Year’s Eve.

“Unlike Times Square’s dropping of a glittering orb, Brooklyn Rising’s Ball will rise and shine bright like a diamond throughout New York,” he said. “Brooklyn Rising is setting new trends by putting together something special, and it all starts with a celestial light show for the ages.

“For the last seven years, I have tried to do this event every year and was unsuccessful with doing it,” Hill added. “This year, it’s just different because we are gonna do it, even with the challenges that the world is going through, which makes it even more significant.

“2020 has been a tumultuous year for Brooklyn residents, so a grand occasion of bright lights and warm smiles is needed,” he continued. “The efforts of Brooklyn Rising show that plenty is still possible even in the face of complex challenges. The ball will represent a symbol of hope and unity, not just for Brooklyn but also for all who view it.”

Hill said the lighting is “simply a prelude for the things to come as Brooklyn Rising put together a series of events to commemorate this fantastic addition to the borough.”

From Dec. 18 to 21, he said local artists are invited to put their creative touch with murals painted on the ball’s platform.

Then, on Dec. 31, Brooklyn Rising will hold a virtual ceremony for the New Year’s Eve countdown.

“The Brooklyn New Year’s Eve Ball symbolizes a strong message that is a tribute to those lost to the COVID-19 pandemic and the first responders on the front line,” Hill said, adding that the Ball will serve as support for “global unity and the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

The Ball will be in place for the public to take pictures from Dec. 17 to 27.

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