The anatomy of racism

Alas! I think I have discovered the cause of original sin. The filthy chancre which disturbs the universe, the very soul and bones of men. Pure original sin. The disease above all disease. The sickness immortal. The pathology so deep! It is not the snake, but the twin-tonsil shaft of the snake buried deep within us all. It is not the apple, but the worm of the apple screwing through the core of us all. What is it?

Racism. Racism is shared. It is atomic, radioactive. When the atom bomb of racism fell, the original apple, it did not infect one man, one continent, but us all. It is an ideology, a shared and dangerous dogma. We are all pathologically afflicted by one version or the other, to one degree or the other, according to our various colours or estates. Not just racism against snake, the animal kingdom; apple, the plant kingdom; woman, the kingdom of gender. Racism belongs not to the other, practiced by others against Iraqi, Mexican, Japanese, Jew, African, Arab, Kurd, Gypsy; but to us all.

But there are some worse case scenarios.

After the war of Lincoln, the Civil War in the United States in the middle of the 19th century, after two hundred years of African enslavement, most of the betterment laws promised the freedmen, Africans, Negroes, were subtly taken back; incrementally withdrawn. One hundred years later Africans in the United States were still marching on the streets to secure fundamental rights.

The United States and Great Britain only entered World War 11 when Hitler was directly upon them; and the deep hatred and rancour, expressed by Hitler, against the Jews, in his writings, speeches, actions, the wide net which he cast to collect Jews for his extermination camps, was not opposed, by their governments, until the genocide was over.

Truman and Churchill, the leaders of the United States and Great Britain well knew that the War was over – Japan was on one knee, about to fall on the other – when they dropped the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In 1990, as a young officer in the British Territorial Army in Great Britain, I listened in great dread and anger, as senior visiting officers rallied for war with Iraq, not with reticence or awe, but with breezy self-satisfaction, mellow smugness. Cool and seamless conscience-lessness! There were no women, children, men, the elderly in Iraq, only one evil monster. “The Iraqis will be sitting ducks on a desert landscape, with no air cover,” I explained to my commanding officer, a Lieutenant Colonel. He invited me to leave the Army, and I did.

The trial of Trayvon Martin in the United States in July 2013 illustrated to the world that the germ of racism is insipient, resident not only in the police, but forensic expert, judge, jury, our peers and counterparts, the entire system. The death of Sandra Brand, hundreds of others, and just this week, the death of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, expressed an intensity to deny the humanity of black, African, “nigga” folk!

How long shall persons of African heritage labour in the vineyard to demonstrate that they are human. Capable of pain, vexation, anger, hurt, stupidness, fear, doubt, error, recklessness, love, just like the rest of neo-Neanderthal humanity? What more do they have to show? Their hands? Their back pockets? Their drivers permit? What is this proverbial digging, gnawing up in the proverbial back pockets of proverbial Black Folk? What are you looking for? What do you expect to find? What fantasy? A star, a moon, a crystal? Get over it!

Did you know that the sharpshooter who killed five policemen in Dallas three days ago, injuring seven others, was killed by remote? A bomb disposal robot, which is normally dispatched to blow up explosives, was sent hunting across the streets to blow him up. Micah Johnson was an army reservist who served in Afghanistan. They sent a drone of racism, like they do every day in Africa, the Middle East, to get him. If truth be told, many observers of this unending saga of racism, tragedy, will feel deep down, in their hearts of hearts, a catharsis, vindication.

Racism is racism. The only antidote to racism is to name it. There is no need to play the balancing game – O, so whites were killed too; O, blacks rob and kill, misbehave; O, blacks have low family skills and values – to point to, nail, flagrant racism on the head. Racism is racism is racism. It is an anti-Sioux, anti-Jew, anti-African, anti-Arab, anti-Iran, anti-Mongoloid Japan and Chinese, anti-Mexican, anti-yellow man, brown man, black man, parading as law and order in Land of the Free, Home of the Brave: Fascism parading as Democracy.

How many Russians killed how many Americans in their so called Cold War? And vice versa? The victims of these two empire states were all, by the millions, in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and South East Asia. As the US and Euro economies collapse, the canopies of their economic parachutes catch a’ fire, they will now turn to make war. Seek to destroy their competitors and debt-owners. Win back capitalism from the jaws of death. Many robots, drones, along with Black and Hispanic folk, will be heading out to the China Sea, China, North Korea, to snuff out that yellow whirlwind.

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