Team Jamaica takes two wins at invitational

Team Jamaica’s women 4 x 200-meter relay team at Dr. Sander Invitational at The Armory in Washington Heights on Jan. 26.
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Out of many, won!

The Jamaica National team celebrated two victories at the annual Dr. Sander Invitational Columbia Challenge, held at The Armory in Washington Heights on Jan. 26. Both of the island nation’s women’s and men’s teams competed in the 4 x 200-meter relay race — coming in first place.

Queens-based runner Satima Chambers, started off the race, making her debut with her country’s women’s team — which also included Verone Chambers, Tovea Jenkins, and Titania Markland. The athlete says despite her jitters, it is always an unforgettable moment to showcase her patriotic expression.

“It was my first time there and I was nervous because it was a new experience for me — but it was a great feeling running for my country,” she said.

Last year the team came in second place, after winning first in 2017. For the men’s team, it was their consecutive win the 4 x 200 relay.

Chambers said she felt an immense sense of pride after her team’s win — considering that the team did not come out with a victory a year before.

“It was great to see how many people were happy to see Jamaica win because last year we didn’t,” she said.

Although she did not compete in the previous meet, Chambers was still thrilled to come out on top with her winning team at her first appearance because she was expecting a tight challenge against Team USA.

“I knew the U.S. was coming in with a strong team and we were really prepared for them,” said Chambers.

Teams USA and France came in second and third place, respectively.

Chambers said she will be making an appearance in the Colgate Women’s Games Finals on Feb. 2.

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Runner Satima Chambers debuted at the race for the first time.
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