Teachers protest school budget cuts

From City Hall to Wall St. on May 12, thousands protested Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s planned budget cuts that will result in the loss of thousands of teacher’s jobs. Marchers also protested tax breaks for big businesses.

Organizers of the march included labor leaders and community groups who want Bloomberg to close tax loopholes for big businesses and more closely regulate financial practices.

Leading off the march was Rev. Al Sharpton, Michael Mulgrew, president of United Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten , president of American Federation of Teachers, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Comptroller John Liu, and a slew of City Council people.

The boisterous and peaceful marchers carried signs that read: Have You Seen Me? Missing. The Education Mayor, The Last Endangered Species, Teachers! Protect Our Youth, Not Millionaires, Education Cuts Hurt Children, Support Our Kids, Make Banks Pay.

It is estimated more than 10,000 people turned out.

UFT President Mulgrew said, “Rather than laying off teachers and slashing vital services for kids and seniors, Mayor Bloomberg needs to take another look at those who have been letting the working poor and the middle class make all the sacrifices.”

The feeder marches were supposed to meet at the convergence point at Wall St., which was later moved to Water Street. Downtown was inundated with marchers, many taking over the streets, chanting and waving their signs.

The mayor’s plan calls for laying off 4,100 and losing an additional 2,000 teachers through attrition.

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