‘Super Blue’ returns to competition

Austin “Super Blue” Lyons.
Photo courtesy of www.thepresident.tt

After an absence from competition for about 12 years, calypsonian Austin “Super Blue” Lyons will be back for the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival season, performing on “Fantastic Friday” night for Soca Monarch 2013.

The five-time International Soca Monarch will be competing against his daughter Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez, his son-in-law, four-time Power Soca Monarch Bunji Garlin and another daughter Soca diva Terri Lyons.

Fay-Ann, a three-time Road March winner (2003, 2008 and 2009) also won the Soca Monarch title in 2009 taking home two titles that year- Power and Groovy – the first woman to do so.

Garlin and his wife Fay Ann sat out the competition last year.

Super Blue has an outstanding musical career that spanned over three decades.

He won the Road March title five times and he is the six-time Soca Monarch.

In, fact Super Blue won the first ever Soca Monarch competition back in 1993. In 2000, he won with Pump Up.

Super Blue told the media that his return had nothing to do with winning the title and his returning is in response to his fans.

However, he noted, win, lose or draw he is glad to compete alongside his children.

Super Blue also achieved international success. He was the first calypsonian to ever perform at Wembley Convention Centre in London and is the first calypsonian to appear on Sesame Street.

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