Successful medical mission to Grenada

Dr. Gordon John treating a patient in Grenada.
Photo courtesy APC Community Services, Inc.

A major Brooklyn community group has conducted a very successful medical mission to Grenada.

Over US$10,000 of free medications were distributed to patients, in addition to US $20,000 worth of supplies, during the June 12-21 mission, according to Dr. Janice Emanuel Bunn, president of APC (Action, Performance, Commitment) Community Service, Inc.

Guyanese-born Dr. Emanuel Bunn said the remaining medication and supplies were given to several clinics in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique “so that they can provide follow-up care to the patients.”

“Our goal is to provide high quality medical and dental care to people of the Caribbean region,” she told Caribbean Life.

“In keeping with our mission statement, ‘Realizing that by giving to the poor we are lending to God,’ APC Medical Mission provides free comprehensive medical care in the promotion of health and wellness to underserved peoples of the world,” she added.

“It is in this vein that APC is committed to travel wherever God leads, to seek out and serve without regards for ethnicity, religious persuasion and socioeconomic status of the recipients,” she continued.

The 43-member medical team comprised medical doctors Orin Gordon, Edward KanKam and Gordon John; medical student Coltz Boubert: nurses Daphne Bobb, Nell Darnley, Conrad Forsythe, Caroline Howell, Lynette Kowlessar, Susan Hollingsworth, and Sherry Cockfield Lawrence; and Wendy Hermonstine, production manager, National Communications Network, Guyana.

The team also included dentists from Loma Linda University in California – Drs. Alan Woodson, Larry Holloway and wife Teresa Holloway, Tim Mathews and wife Phylicia Mathews, Ken Chaffee and Marshall Hollingsworth.

In addition, 14 dental students, four student dental hygienists, physical therapist Sylvia Woodson, and high school students Cade and Eric Hollingstead were part of the mission.

Dr. Emanuel Bunn said the mission collaborated with the Ministry of Health in Grenada and the Grenada Conference of Seventh- day Adventists.

During the week-long event, she said medical clinics were conducted at Tivoli Medical Station, St. David Health Center, Grand Roy Medical Station, Gouyave Health Center and Maranatha SDA Church in St. George’s, the Grenada capital.

Dental clinics were also conducted throughout the week at Tivoli Medical Station and Youth Center, St. George’s.

On June 20, a medical / dental symposium was conducted at the La Poterie Seventh Day Adventist Church, Dr. Emanuel Bunn said.

“This was a very successful mission,” said Dr. John, APC Community Services, Inc.’s board chair. “I feel that we provided excellent care to the people especially those with severe diabetes ulcers and ulcers associated with sickle cell problems.”

“The health needs in Grenada are very great, and I believe our team did an outstanding job,” he added.

Dr. Emanuel Bunn said she was grateful for the completion of another successful mission. The group last year conducted a similar mission to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“I am deeply appreciative of the commitment of the medical / dental team members, who have donated their time and expertise to this mission,” she said.

“To see my dream come to fruition is a humbling experience,” she added, stating that the medical missions started eight years ago, with three individuals – she, her late husband Frank Bunn and Dr. Exilhomme, of Kings County Hospital Center.

“Now, we have a team of over 50 individuals,” Dr. Emanuel Bunn added. “What a blessing! We are blessed to bless others.”

She thanked Grenada’s Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs Derrick James for making the initial contact, on the group’s behalf, with the Ministry of Health Grenada; Dr. Francis Martin, director of Primary Care in Grenada; Ann Antoine David, advisor to the Minister of Health; and Dr. Keens-Douglas, chief dental officer.

Dr. Emanuel Bunn was also grateful to Pastor Jerome Gordon, Health Ministries director, Grenada Conference of SDA for logistical support; and Ms Theresa Thornhill for “the delicious meals;” as well as Kenny Lalsingh, owner of North Bay Inn and Kingsley Lalsingh, owner of Lady B Guest House for lodging and “great hospitality.”

“Grenada is, indeed, the ‘Isle of Spice’, where the people are nice,” Dr. Emanuel Bunn said.

APC Community Services, Inc.’s medical team to Grenada.
Photo courtesy APC Community Services, Inc.

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