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Thousands rally in support of anti-gay Jamaica cause

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Recently on Gay Pride Day when millions flaunted tolerance and support for the LGBT community, in one Caribbean city, more than 25,000 people rallied against the international parade by supporting a newly organized civil society group named Jamaica Cause -- Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation.

“Our emancipation means standing up for strong families, our emancipation means standing against the homosexuality agenda, emancipation for us means standing up against the repealing of the buggery law,” Alvin Bailey, chairman of the group said.

He said he plans to mobilize every Jamaican, church, temple and institution to unite around his agenda. “We will do all that is righteous and Godly to accomplish the cause,” Bailey said.

“We are standing here today because we want to see the moral thermometer of our nation rise again,” Rev. Donald Cole said.

“The seeds of greed and selfishness have been sown in the soil of corruption in public and private sector.”

“As a people, we have compromised to crime, violence, immorality, abuse of the weak and disrespect of authority,” Cole added. “When young people rape and kill each other we should take a serious look at what they’re watching and hearing.”

The preacher aimed directly at the government and its parliamentary body that is in the midst of discussions around repealing its buggery laws.

“The process of restoring the old boundary stones of right and wrong, lawful and unlawful and good and evil, should begin.”

He also targeted the island’s churches saying they faced and is still facing a challenge to be part of the solution in this crisis.

“The prophetic voice of the church is often ignored or discarded, yet the church is often accused of negligence.”

Cole said that the church will increase its prophetic role and will not be silenced, especially when it should be speaking boldly.

According to police, the four-hour, mass rally held in the middle of the capital city of Kingston attracted a record number of protesters to Half-Way-Tree. Reports are that crowds turned out in numbers waving the national colors of black, green and gold.

One speaker called on Jamaicans to stand up for “strong and healthy families, righteousness and justice as well as to resist the homosexual agenda and the repealing of the buggery act.”

Spokesperson Camille Morrison endorsed the comments adding that biologically “di ting don’t mek sense and as such it should not be imposed upon people as if it is something right.”

“We not gonna mek dem mis-educate our children, we not gonna mek dem misinform our children,” Betty-Ann Blaine, a child advocate stated.

Blaine said that there has been a 72 per cent increase in buggery among children and as such “there is no way we changing the buggery law.”

She spoke passionately about children and revealed that she recently attended a funeral for a nine-month-old baby who was buggered and then killed.

Jamaica Cause was established following the removal of Professor Brendan Bain as director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training (CHART) Network.

CAUSE volunteers invited people to sign a petition against the repeal of the buggery law. They said they intend to send the petition to Prime Minster Portia Simpson Miller.

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Reader Feedback

Irazea from Trinidad says:
West African slave descendants have produced nothing of value in our Western societies. They do not even have anything to call worthy in West Africa, where they originate. Many of these angry slave victims call themselves ras and have nothing to do with the culture. They live in a delusion that they are somehow "white" or not West African. People are born how they are born and you love them for who they are, but you cannot expect an orange to be an apple here. Jamaican slave descendants have a culture that is basically dead and riddled with absolute poverty. They are rulers in their own land and do not even know how to rule. West African slaves produced one thing in abundance: violence and illogical (bible-based & from denying their own hedonistic sexual practices) hatred. They are also the source of hiv and have contributed much of their backwardness to those who have come into contact with them. Don't fight them because they are of low IQ. Jamaica is not the land of love and jahness. It is the land of angry, spiteful people who act loud and negative because they know no other way to be. In the UK, the ones who excel are the ones who know how to get along with others. In Jamaica, they just pile on the hatred and call it God. Jamaicans are loud and nasty acting because they are very insecure, not having settled their own problems within themselves or within their society. It is a backward people that cling to religion and have little understanding of anything that deals with intelligence. Intelligence is fleeting for Jamaicans.
July 2, 2014, 5:07 pm
Michael E. Brown from Jamaica, NY says:
Irazea, WoW......Strong sentiments, but you have me listening! Please, "post" something further on this report; I'd like to hear more of your perspective!..... Your position is very interesting!
July 4, 2014, 1:13 pm
Allen from New York City says:
The world population is growing at an unsustainable rate. The LGBT is our only savior. They don't reproduce and they make excellent parents for our orphans.
July 4, 2014, 3:13 pm
Sanje Elliott from Hackensack NJ says: .sounds like you are talking about yourself
July 4, 2014, 3:19 pm
Louis Lawrence from NYC says:
Irazea....its attitudes and warp mentalities like yours that caused the Barbados Govt to be fined by the Caribbean Court of Appeal for infringements on our rights in the recent Shanique Myrie case (Goggle it) ....son, I hope you are just one sicko Trini Jamaican Hater....I think you really need help
July 4, 2014, 3:47 pm
Muhammad El-Arabi from New Jersey says:
Good afternoon ladies and gentleman Irazea that is the most ridiculous statement about a sovereign nation a free people that I have ever read where did you get your research from it problemly came from the same people that fed you that garbage and has indeed made you a miserable human being. I understand the trials and tribulations that the people of Jamaica have endured. Any people that go through slavery and colonialism will have a lot of life issues to get pass. So its not the people that you should be indicting but the governments of all of these third world countries that are the puppets of the west. Yes the people should be taking responsiblity for their own behavior but wherever in the world you find poverty and ignorance you are going to find the ills of life once a group of them decide enough is enough and become educated then the present way of life will no longer be torlerated and the government will be changed to a one man one vote with a constitution that will be iron clad and want be changed every time someone feels like having a revolution. Victory to the people of understanding in all of these third world countries and even to you as warped and ignorant of the worlds situation as you are.
July 4, 2014, 6:09 pm
Erica F from Illinois says:
I grew up in Trinidad knowing only 2 homosexuals until I moved to the US,it was not something hidden but now everywhere you go it's being forced onto you. The homosexual agenda is so prevelant that you are afraid to say anything against it. You are labeled and ostracized just for having a moral compass against something that is unnatural in every society it the world. What you choose to do behind closed doors is your business but when you want to do it in the public eye, except people's opinions and criticism.
July 6, 2014, 5:58 am
Ms Peppa from Washington, DC says:

Uum exactly how are homosexuals, forcing anything on yo? Are they holding you hostage at gun point, forcing you to have sex with a woman. Are they doing this to your loved ones. Get over yourself. Jamaicans are such hypocrits. They want to PRETEND to be of God, yet they smoke so much pot and kill people baseed on their sexual attraction. You are pathetic. WHy don't you fly to Jamaica and ask your people to stop stoninh gay people whoare not bothering them. Do you think God approves of people killing and torturing others baed on what they think that person sould be doing. You have a lot of nerve..
July 7, 2014, 3:31 pm
Erica F from Illinois says:
The homosexual agenda is being forced on society at large. It's a movement, and since you're talking bible. The good book says it's an abomination for man to lie with man, and women also. Judgement will come against the people when Sodom and Gomorrah is taking place in a land. He did it before and he can do it again. I'm by no means condoning the abuse being suffered by persons of that proclivity but we have got to follow God's law since he's the ultimate judge. He is a loving God , however, don't think all the blatant sinning is going unnoticed. What the homosexuals or the Christians do. And weed smoking is illegal in the eyes of the law , it's not a sin.
July 8, 2014, 10:02 pm

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