Stars shine in Manhattan

A good way to stay in shape for a basketball player to enter his next level, no matter what it is, is to practice hard individually and / or compete on a team and try to make the best it.

And to star in a league no matter what the sport is and to perform in an all-star attraction could conceivably be one of the best ways. Put the two together and you have a player such as Raykwon Fenton who graduated from Rucker High School of the Bronx, a member of the Public Schools High School Athletic League. He led the PSAL with 27 points last winter.

Now he is trying to make it in college. He has not decided which college he wants to attend and time is drawing near. He is keeping in shape and in June joined a team in the West 4th Street League in Manhattan. He is competing in the high school division, one of two leagues in this circuit.

“The league is well run and has a lot of competitive players in it,” he said. “I’m out here so scouts could see me (in action). One never knows what I’ll be up to. I have to work on my outside shooting and to be more consistent. I’m working very hard and playing good defense.”

Fenton is competing on a summer league team called Bedford Boys YMCA which is coached by Tom ‘Tippy’ McTiernan, well known in New York City.

“Playing in an all-star game (at the Cage) is quite an honor,” he said. “Not a lot of players (people) get a chance to play in such a game. When I play I have to work my hardest.”

Fenton helped to lead his West team to a 85-77 victory over the East in the high school division.

There are a lot of first time players competing in the high school division of the West 4th Street League and they all enjoyed their time, especially for the all-star members.

This circuit is under the direction of Kenny Graham and a staff including referees and former players. Hundreds of fans jammed the outside fence to catch the all-star games, one of the highlights of the season, which ends toward mid August. Most of the games are held on weekends because there are no lights at the facility.

The crowd all at the same facility enjoyed the Unlimited division all-star clash and the one staged by the legends who were former league players.

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