St. Lucian ‘Invader’ to headline ball

The St. Lucia House Foundation, an umbrella group of New York City-, Connecticut- and New Jersey based St. Lucian organizations, announced that legendary soca musician Ignatius “Invader” Tisin will headline its gala on Saturday, Feb. 26 to celebrate St. Lucia’s 32nd anniversary of independence.

St. Lucia gained independence from Great Britain on Feb. 22, 1979.

“Recovering through Resilience; Rebuilding with Determination,” has been identified as the theme to mark this anniversary.

The Consulate General of St. Lucia in New York collaborated with the foundation to host this event and supports its mission. This is the first independence gala organized by the foundation since its formation in early 2010.

Tisin is a four-time calypso monarch, an extempo monarch, a seven-time Road March King, and a King of Kings champion. His successful hits include “Walk and Wine” and “Step Step,” as well as a host of others.

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