St. Lucia consulate to host immigration forum

Immigration attorney Allen E. Kaye, will be present at St. Lucia’s annual immigration forum at the St. Lucia House in East Flatbush on April 25.
Consulate of St. Lucia

The Consulate of St. Lucia is set to host its fourth annual immigration forum at the St. Lucia House in East Flatbush on April 25. The forum will provide local residents with information about immigrant rights, the types of forms they may need, and discuss the subject of deportation, which is a growing concern for many, said the Vice Consul Jeremiah Hyacinth.

“The forum will more so provide clarification on immigration-related issues and deportation, because often we have people come to our office to discuss their fears of being deported and needing more guidance,” said Hyacinth.

Guests will have the opportunity to ask immigration experts about the steps the can take to ensure their status in the U.S., and how to not fall prey to scams.

“There are a lot of people in these situations, and the forum will not only give more clarification, but guidance about how to proceed with a situation like that and to also avoid becoming a victim of fraud,” added Hyacinth.

Speakers and representatives from the CUNY’s Citizenship Now services, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, the Mayor’s office of Immigration Affairs, and several nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups will also be present to assist and answers questions.

Hyacinth adds that the forum, though organized by the consulate, is for the general immigrant community of East Flatbush, which comprises immigrants from all over the Caribbean.

“Our goal is to reach everyone, not just the St. Lucian community — but people in the Brooklyn area,” he said. “The East Flatbush-area has a significant number of residents who are from the Caribbean or are first-generation Caribbean, and our goal is to reach out to them and provide them with the tools that will enable them to act accordingly, and be on right path.”

Immigration Forum at St. Lucia House [438 E. 49th St. between Church and Snyder avenues in East Flatbush, (347) 927-5840]. April 25, 7–10 pm. Free.

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Members and representatives from the Mayor’s office, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, City Univeritsy of New York (CUNY) Citzenship Now, and non-profit immigration advocacy organizations, will be available to answer questions at the immigration forum.
Consulate of St. Lucia

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