Spotlight on Jamaican women

TCI host Camilla Anderson interviews Janet Silvera (left) at Stony Hill, Kingston, Jamaica.
Photo by Julia Cornes
Photo courtesy Jamaica’s Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture

Later this year, millions of television viewers of Travel Channel International will get a glimpse of a few outstanding women who have distinguished themselves in four countries across the globe. Carefully chosen for the series’ inaugural season, South Africa, The Philippines, and Turkey, Jamaican journalist Janet Silvera was selected to spotlight a matriarchal contributor from the Caribbean.

Recently, the channel dispatched German television host Camilla Anderson to shadow the Gleaner reporter as she performs her daily routine. From dawn to dusk, the TCI presenter travelled through three Jamaican parishes capturing footage for the new segment billed “It’s a Woman’s World.”

At breakfast, Anderson told this Insider that she wants travelers to see “a different side of the island” not the high-brow resort portrayals most travel programs seem to exhort. “We (TCI) propose to introduce audiences to some of the strong women who actually drive the society.”

She said she plans to take her audience — 60 million viewers in 118 countries –“on a journey to four very exotic countries around the world and investigate the best each country has to offer the female traveler from all-out adventure to pampering.”

“We have selected these four countries as we believe their women will be amazing and varied and choices will be a perfect for our first series.

“We also wanted to focus on women who inspire others.”

Silvera fitted the requirement.

Selected by the show’s producer Julia Cornes, her research revealed that Silvera was not only named Jamaica’s Best News Journalist for 2009; but the mother of a son also was elected president of the Western Jamaica Media Association. The fact Silvera is reputedly a dynamic and certified events manager, and a woman dedicated to promoting Jamaica’s tourism also factored in her selection.

In each episode Anderson will delve deep into a day in the life of a strong female character existing in a “typically” male domain.

Appleton Estate’s rum taster Joy Spence, recording artist Cherine Anderson, Renee, prêt-a-porter blogger who resides in Portland and Jamaica’s first policewoman motor cyclist will also be featured.

However, Silvera’s segment will not only be longest but also open the travelogue segment on the island.

Anderson said local culinary delights will be featured and she hopes to learn traditional recipes from an adopted mother, sister or aunty, while illustrating that sharing meals in another country is an essential experience.

The show was filmed in Kingston, Portland and St. Elizabeth.

The second city scribe was interviewed on the job at her hideaway, ‘Sister Lou’ in Black River, St. Elizabeth, at Kingston’s Pon Di River’ festival and while she worked covering stories on the Jamaican beat.

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