Spicemas continues strong, positive growth in arrivals

Children participating in this year’s carnival in Grenada.
Spicemas / Joshua Yetman

On the heels of a phenomenal 24.9 percent growth in arrivals for the 2018 Carnival Season, the Grenada Tourist Board (GTB) says the Spice Isle recorded a 7.7 percent increase in arrivals for Spicemas 2019, of 13,327, compared to 12,379 in the corresponding year.

“This figure is a measure of the visitors and Diaspora arriving in the destination, prior to Carnival Monday,” GTB said in a statement.

Of the 13,327 stayover visitors, it said 10,505 were tourists, and 2,822 were Grenadians residing abroad.

GTB said part of this growth is attributed to additional airlift, including three extra flights from LIAT, increased marketing and the global recognition of Grenada’s artistes, culture and music.

The best performing markets for Spicemas 2019 were the United States, 21 percent, a total of 6,818 visitors; and Trinidad and Tobago, 7 percent, with a total of 1,973 visitors.

“Grenada’s soca, groovy and calypso music, coupled with its authentic and distinctly unique offerings of Jab Jab and Monday Night Mas, served to wow visitors and highlight what sets Spicemas apart from other carnivals,” GTB said, adding that 2019 also saw a marked increase in participation with 12 bands parading for the Monday Night Mas street party.

“The masqueraders reveled to the rhythms of carnival and lit up the night sky with a plethora of colorfully branded t-shirts, lighted hats and wands,” GTB said.

“Fancy Mas on Carnival Monday and Tuesday also saw increased participation from bands (11) and masqueraders, with bejeweled costumes, pageantry and storytelling,” it added.

Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen thanked all the contributors to Spicemas 2019, including the artists, bandleaders and service providers.

“The numbers speak to the growing interest in Spicemas as one of the best carnivals to visit in the Caribbean,” she said. “Our people make the experience memorable and enjoyable with their warm hospitality and visible pride in their music and culture.

“Grenada for Spicemas 2020 promises to be a spectacular event, I encourage you to book early,” she added.

Grenada’s Spicemas Carnival 2020 is carded for Aug. 10 and 11.

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