SoundCity Mas’ ‘Sucre’ for Labor Day

Tasian Edwards portrays “Cotton Candy.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

With about 30 years of mas-making experience, the producers of the Brooklyn-based SoundCity Mas are hoping to make a difference on Labor Day with “Sucre.”

“Our 2015 presentation is called ‘Sucre,” because we decided to showcase everything sweet in the Caribbean and to bring out some of the islands’ flavors,” said Grenadian Cathyann Cuffie, co-founder of the mas camp, located at 834 Clarkson Ave., between Utica Ave. and East 51st Street, in a Caribbean Life interview. The other founders are Trinidadian Travis Esdelle and Jamaican Jasmine Graham.

Cuffie said “Sucre” comprises seven sections in the all-female band: Arore de Minuit, Chocolat Savage, Mango Tango, Cotton Candy, Love and Romance, Hint of Mint and Bubble Gum.

Cuffie said, while no male section is currently available, the mas camp is willing to add such section, “upon request.” There will be 20-30 masqueraders per section, she said.

“Seeing that we are from different countries, we don’t discourage people of any nationality to play mas in our band,” Cuffie said. “So far, we have at least one masquerader from each Caribbean island, as well as numerous players of American descent.

“As our first year participating in the parade, as an independent entity, we are nervous, to say the least,” she added. “But we hope that this year will be a successful learning experience to foster further growth and prosperity for 2016 and beyond.

“In previous years, we have presented mas with other mas bands; they all sold pretty well,” continued Cuffie, stating: “Masqueraders can expect, first and foremost, to enjoy the experience we provide.”

She said preparations are in “full swing” for the parade, with “numerous people assisting in the production of the costumes.”

Powered by Suga Candy Production, Cuffie said SoundCity Mas was founded in 2013 “as a subsidiary of our event planning business, SoundCity Entertainment.

“After providing DJ services to multiple mas bands, over the years, we decided to throw our hats into the mas-making business,” she said.

Masqueraders and revelers on Labor Day will sway to the beat of “in-house DJs” from SoundCity Entertainment, as well as DJ FlyBoi, “and a surprise guest artist performing live on the parade float,” Cuffie said.

The producers at SoundCity Mas can be reached by calling or texting at (347) 855-3705, emailing at soundcityn[email protected], or following on Instagram @soundcity_mas.

Shameeka Jones portrays “Love & Romance.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

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