The album cover of “Vilnerab” by Paul Beaubrun.

“Vilnerab” (Vulnerable), the second studio album from Haitian Roots singer/composer/guitar player Paul Beaubrun, was released on Feb. 19, 2015 on Itunes worldwide. “Vilnerab” is steeped in traditional acoustic instruments, yet wrapped in a modern arrangement with a soulful spirit.

Beaubrun is the youngest son of Theodore “Lòlò” and Mimerose “Manzè” Beaubrun of the legendary, Grammy-nominated band Boukman Eksperyans. He has been performing with his parents since the age of 13, and seems destined for the life on stage. In 2006, Paul co-founded the group Zing Experience with Cynthia Casasola, and released his first album “Project Haiti” in 2012.

He has taken a more personal approach with Vilnerab, a solo acoustic album, which showcases his vocals and acoustic vintage guitar abilities. Vilnerab is an unplugged gem, 100 percent pure live recording and a rarity of its kind, a true “Hybrid style,” where Haitian roots meets Blues, Rock and Soul. Beaubrun’s uplifting and emotional vocals lead you into his soul. He describes Vilnerab: “I believe this album allows you to connect with me on a raw and deeper level; allows you to hear my soul. I hope when you listen to the songs, you will be inspired, awakened and enlightened to do or be whatever is in your hearts.”

The acoustic mixologyand the raw truth lyrics combined give Vilnerab its self-healing properties. Mete’m high Track (4) offers an insight into vulnerable love, while in Pep la Vilnerab track (7) and Pawol Pa Pou Mwen (5) Paul finds himself singing about the hard and fragile life of his countrymen. Pa Rale track (1) focus on the frustration of Haiti’s youth of not being safe and subjected to kidnappings. Legba Blues is totally a spiritual therapeutic track (6) with a reminiscence of Jim Hendericks’ guitar style. Paul Beaubrun’s adaption of Ayizan’ by Mizik Mizik track (2) and Neg Awo by Boukan Ginen (3) pay homage to Haitian artists he grew up idolizing.

Vilnerab was written and composed by Paul Beaubrun. The album was produced and arranged by Paul in collaboration with one of the founder of Haitian Roots music Yves “Chico” Boyer (Bass player legend), and mastered by Jon Gordon. The album features musicians like Morgan J. Zwerlein, Peter Barr, Yves Boyer (Haitian Tambou/percussions) and Isaiah Richarson Jr. (Saxophone, Harmonica & Clarinet). A dance remix version of Mete’m High will be released in Europe in the weeks to follow, and available to radio hosts and club djs.

Vilnerab has already been gaining traction with the live performances, due the fact Paul Beaubrun has the ability to put on a hypnotic show, and his masculine vulnerability is just down right sexy.

A series of shows follow the release:

Feb 26// New York, NY// French Institute Alliance Française, Haiti Optimiste

Haiti Tour

March 6// Jacmel–March 7//Jacmel–March 9// Delmas//Project Haiti

March 13//Café des Arts

March 14// Yanvalou

March 22//Washington, DC

Haitian Roots singer/composer/guitar player Paul Beaubrun.

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