Something new brewing at Red Stripe this Christmas

Jamaicans on the island will be seeing red when they pour a Red Stripe from now until Christmas.

Red Stripe Sorrel, a new beverage introduced recently combines the island’s seasonal, favorite drink with the island’s signature lager.

Reportedly already “hailed as a first for the alcoholic beverage industry in Jamaica” the new product introduced “an unexpected combination of beer, sorrel and ginger extracts, infused with exotic spices to deliver an unforgettable taste experience.”

That is how Erin Mitchell, Red Stripe brand manager described the new drink.

He is so optimistic about the public’s acceptance of the new holiday drink he added:

“Every Christmas going forward, consumers can look forward to enjoying Red Stripe Sorrel.”

And depending on public opinion, the company may even expand its service by considering the possibility of stocking the shelves with sorrel beer throughout the year.

The Diageo-owned company has been experimenting with innovative concoctions to its brand.

Two years ago, it offered Red Stripe Light in three flavors — Apple, Ginger, and Lime. That year it also introduced Tallawah Beer in celebration of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence.

Last year, the firm launched the raspberry-flavored Red Stripe Burst.

Unfortunately, stateside residents will not be able to purchase the new blend here.

The new beverage is only available on the Caribbean island.

In order to sample the new product a trip south is recommended with plans to stock up for a treat when relatives and friends visit for the holidays.

Meanwhile, the traditional Red Stripe Beer remains the choice Jamaican beer to buy at specialty supermarkets and retail outlets.

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