Ska influences Brown Rice Family band

Members of the Brown Rice Family pose for a band photo.
Photo by Charles Ginsberg

Brooklyn based music group Brown Rice Family is releasing their new single/music video “Latin Goes Ska” on April 1st, 2014.

Brown Rice Family is a multi national band with members hailing from Japan, Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa and USA.

This world roots band normally fuses genres but this time around they just simply fell in love with the “Latin Goes Ska “vibe. The song was originally composed by the Skatalites in Jamaica in 1964.

The Skatalites is known for Bob Marley’s first #1 Jamaican hit “Simmer Down” recorded at Studio One.

Now 50 years later, BRF decided to rearrange “Latin Goes Ska” and adding lyrics to carry the message of “Organic Love.”

In this video the band featured America’s got talent winner Kenichi Ebina, internationally acclaimed dance teacher/choreographer Pat Hall and her Brooklyn dance community, and horn player from BRF, Isaiah Richardson Jr. who is currently acting on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire where he plays the role of a Jazz musician.

The world is plagued with social and political problems and for this reason most people have lost compassion, organic love, and the acceptance of individual difference. With “Latin Goes Ska” the band uses music and video as a vehicle to spread the message of global solidarity, letting all people know that out of many we are one!

Kenichi Ebina replied when asked about this song, “It’s just a fun song without thinking too deeply, you know? There’s a difference in style in terms of music and dance, but it exists everywhere and universally it touches something very humanly instinctive. I think we’re one step closer to world peace, if we can all enjoy dancing to this kind of music.”

Title: Latin Goes Ska

Artist: Brown Rice Family

Video by Shunsuke Yotsumoto

Original song title: Latin Goes Ska

Artist: The Skatalites

Writer: Don Drummond, Arthur Stanley Reid

Publisher: Push Music Jamaica Publishing Ltd. (BMI)

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