“Hooray For Hollywood,” caters for babies up to five years - Red.
Photo courtesy of Gisele Fritz and Associates

Trinidadian sisters Dawn Fritz Mitchell and Giselle Fritz are once again organizing a band for kids to participate in this year’s Labor Day Children’s Carnival.

This fun-inspired band is all in-inclusive and will focus on the theme “What A Dream.”

“We have included energetic professional dancers who will ensure that the kids have an unforgettable time along the parade route. Besides the snacks en-route to the stage, we have an after parade party where parents, family, friends, well-wishers and our masqueraders socialize and enjoy a meal,” said Giselle.

“Between my sister and I, we collaborate on costume design, fabric, color, production and logistics of producing a kiddies carnival band,” added Giselle. During the past five years the sisters have made the following presentations:

2007 – “If We Were Dinosaurs;” 2008 – “If We Dance Underwater;” 2009 – “If We played Mas in Venice;” 2010 – “Elements of the Earth” and in 2011 – “From Sun Rise to Sunset.”

Three years ago, the sisters were invited to participate in the USA Labor Day Children’s Carnival. “We entered the small band category with the aim of exposing our children to a dual culture between our West Indian and American Heritage,” said Giselle.

During the last three years with the help and support of family and friends, the sisters were able to sponsor children from the The Family Center and Bedford Family Residence.

“Madi Gras” all girls six to 12 years – Green.
Photo courtesy of Gisele Fritz and Associates

Due to the success of the sisters they were able to donate educational books to the Child Welfare League Diego Martin Branch in Trinidad. This donation enabled the organization to facilitate reading by building the libraries in three target schools.

For the last two years, the associates have participated in the Flatbush Frolic Banner Parade, which takes places two weeks after Labor Day.

The achievements for the past three years in the small band category are as follows: 2009 – “Vegas 2020,” 2nd place;2010 – “Mysteries of the Earth,” 1st place;2011 – “In a Monastery Garden,” 1st place.

Six years ago members of the Children of Peace – A UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) Community Club in their quest to make life more interesting for some less fortunate children decided to enter the junior carnival arena.

“My sister, Dawn and I took on the challenge to organize a children’s band,” said Giselle. To fulfill this goal the two sisters decided to seek sponsorship for the less fortunate children.

“We had an interest in the children from the Christ Child Convalescent Home in Diego Martin, Trinidad. With this established, we focused on two other schools: Nelson Street Girl’s and Diego Martin Boys. We maintained an average of 40 children for the three weekends of carnival,” added Giselle.

The mascamp of Giselle Fritz & Associates is at 3513 Church Ave., between Brooklyn and East 35th St. and the organizers can be contacted at 347-737-9326.

One of the sections “Show Girls” will cater for participants 6 to 15 years and their main colors are yellow and orange.
Photo courtesy of Gisele Fritz and Associates

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