Sir Viv calls on cricket officials to resign

Sir Vivian Richards.
Associated Press

West Indies batting legend Sir Vivian Richards has called for the resignation of those charged with administering cricket at the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) level.

Sir Viv, who is one of two living national heroes in Antigua and Barbuda made the call after winning captain of the World Twenty20 World Championship, Darren Sammy, slammed the WICB over their lack of support for the team during the recent tournament in India.

“I don’t think Sammy would be a liar. I think Sammy is as honest as they come so it is going to be quite interesting, going forward, to see and hear exactly what comes from the board,” he said.

Sir Viv commended Sammy for his bravery saying, “he did what he had to do. It was on his mind and you could see what he said meant a lot; it came from the heart. In my mind, it looked like something was planned. Anyone who knows Darren Sammy knows that he is an individual and how he would have led West Indies from his very start as captain and sees how committed he is. So I am pleased, in a big way, that he was able to get it off his chest,” Sir Viv added.

Signaling the victory as a possible resuscitator for West Indies cricket, the legendary player urged those in authority to unearth new talent.

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