Sir Viv calls for expansion of cricket

Legendary former West Indies Captain Sir Vivian Richards has called on the International Cricket Council (ICC) to expand cricket to the non-traditional nations.

The 64-year-old master blaster said many Asians and West Indians are now residing in countries such as the United States which do not have a rich cricket legacy and it was therefore important that the game be pushed into such markets.

He noted that the influence of Asians like Indians and Pakistanis is huge in cricket, despite leaving their country they still want to be part of cricket.

Sir Vivian, who is currently in Dubai working as a TV media analyst for the ongoing West Indies / Pakistan series added, “Folks from these countries who live in this part of the world have brought cricket culture here and in the process cricket has spread its wings.”

“Cricket should reach countries which have no cricketing tradition. There are folks from all over the world who love cricket living in America. They have been missing the game after they left home. If it can be brought to America in a big way, there is going to be a wide clientele especially as far as Twenty20 is concerned,” he said.

Last month, West Indies and India made history when they played a two-match Twenty20 International series at the Central Broward Regional Park Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale, USA.

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