‘Single Ladies’ help Beyonce spark fireworks

Thousands of pop music fans camped out overnight at Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield in order to snag a choice spot and share in the inaugural performance there of 16-time Grammy winner, Beyoncè.

The predominant female crowd that were “Crazy In Love” with the pop singer since she debuted as leader of the trio Destinys Child showed up early to cheer on the solo attraction who recently released her fourth CD.

Some travelled as far away as California to see and hear the free, morning performance which aired on ABC-TV’s Good Morning America.

“It’s the start of a holiday weekend and we want to hear her sing ‘Run The World,’ an avowed fan said.

Prior to the broadcast whole sections of the SRO crowd mimicked and parodied the style and lyrics, which has earned the singer movie starring roles, headline billings, international acclaim and a choice booking to perform at the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States.

Some of the fans rivaled for competition singing songs recorded when Beyonce sang with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Reportedly some turned rowdy at the prospect of being cut from entering the concert area due to overcrowding. Members of the NYPD had to bolster security teams in order to contain fans, many of whom were refused entrance due to space constraints.

For their effort, early arrivals received a cardboard fan and/or a red banner, which they waved throughout the ABC-TV broadcast.

For most, seeing their favorite singer may have been reward enough. That the performance was free was incentive that proved alluring to music lovers who arrived from numerous states and locations outside of New York City.

The busy, pop singer arrived from London, England and made a surprise stop in Harlem the day prior to her first time performance in the Manhattan Park.

She delivered a blazing barrage of hits fans echoed with rapt accuracy.

Accompanied by an all-female band, Beyoncè’s performance of “Single Ladies,” “Crazy In Love,” and “Run The World” did not seem to disappoint. Throughout performance of the latter, she offered her microphone to willing fans who ably anticipated her musical recording.

During an interview with GMA hosts, the pop star said she felt “so, so good” to make her debut in the landmark recreational setting.

“I have never performed here,” Beyoncè said.

She explained how she had taken a hiatus from touring and performing to reflect on the blessings she said she had received since embarking on a successful career which began when she was a mere teenager.

Now 28, she said she attributed much of the good tidings to her fans and family who have always been loyal. Wearing a bright, yellow, crocheted outfit and spiked heels, Beyoncè also talked about the perils of dancing in high-heeled shoes.

“My feet sometimes bleed and hurt” but with focus and a sense of purpose she said she has been able to endure the rigors of the fashion accessory.

Like Lady GaGa who arrived onstage at the same venue via zip-line apparatus, Beyonce demanded added floor space to execute her stage routine. To make that a reality, crews at the location constructed a huge extension that projected the stage halfway into the field. Adding at least 60 feet that morphed a backdrop onto the run-way-like setting, the stage enabled a band, background dancers and Beyoncè to deliver a full-fledged showcase that will not be soon forgotten.

After the live, broadcast, Beyoncè changed outfits to suit up in a black version of the same sexy item. Although the live broadcast ended, she sampled fierce lyrics from her repertoire to record added airtime, which ABC broadcasted three days later on July 4.

Later that evening, NBC-TV spotlighted the singer who added fireworks to the Independence Day celebrations at the Statue of Liberty.

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