Sign painter beautifies Georgetown

Painter Andrew Allen adds the finishing touches to Guyana’s 50th Jubilee logo on a bridge wall in Georgetown.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Sign painter, Andrew Allen was born in Georgetown 50 years ago, the exact year Guyana attained independence from Great Britain in 1966. So in a fitting tribute to the land of his birth and the Golden Jubilee, the painter said he wants to make a contribution and is calling on the Guyana government to commission him to paint murals for the upcoming week of celebration.

Just recently, Allen, a painter for the past 18 years told Caribbean Life, that he noticed two bridge walls on D’Urban Street in the capital city were being spruced up with a coat of white paint, as such, he immediately volunteered his skills by making the walls his blank canvas.

He was observed painting the Golden Jubilee logo, which depicts the head of Guyana’s endangered leopard, encircled by the number 50, and trimmed with colors that represent the country.

Allen sat on a carton box on the corner and weaved his brush strokes to complete his masterpiece.

A resident of Stevedore Housing Scheme in the North Ruimveldt area of Georgetown, Allen paints in his community and is commissioned to create sign boards, banners, or murals, for which he charges a small fee of GUY$50,000 (USD$50.00).

The soft-spoken man said he felt compelled to paint the 50th Jubilee emblem because it is significant to him as he was born the same year Guyana became independent. He also loves his country and has the opportunity to do his part to beautify the city.

“This makes me feel good,” he added.

“I would like to participate in the celebrations, and especially participate in GuyExpo 2016,” said the painter, who added that the government does not know that he volunteered his time to etch the logo on the walls of the bridge on the busy thoroughfare.

Allen is enthusiastic and excited about showcasing his painting skill, and what better place to do so than around Georgetown where the decorating and planning for the 50th Jubilee are at a fever pitch.

Allen says he is awaiting that important call to his phone from organizers so that his talents could be used.

In addition to GuyExpo 2016 which will be held from May 12 – 15 at the Sophia Convention Center, Guyana will hold a National Flag Raising Ceremony on May 25 at new Durban Jubilee Park, Georgetown, and a Jubilee Float parade along Guyana’s historic Brickdam roadway, on May 26.

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