Sherzelle’s Dazzle Me; Dazzle You

Sherzel Productions Mas Camp at 504 Flatbush Ave. is stacked with a dazzling array of children’s carnival costumes.

An award-winning designer herself, Sherzel is busy adding the final touches to her creations with a determination to repeat last year’s impressive performance at the upcoming Children’s Carnival on Saturday, Sept, 3.

The Trinidad-born costume designer who formerly collaborated with the veteran Hawks International mas’ band, got her big break last year during Hawks’ absence from the competition and stepped into first place in the Kiddies Carnival’s medium-band category.

Sherzel is fired-up this year as she prepares to step up to the big-band category with a 300-strong contingent of revelers in “Dazzle Me, Dazzle You, With Color”.

The eight-section band, will showcase a kaleidoscope of colorful and cute children’s outfits in an array of Baby Blue, Sparkling Shimmer White, Glitter Dust, Brilliant “Bling-Out” Brown, Gorgeous Green, Brilliant Red and Luscious Purple, she explained.

The designer said her costumes have evolved. In the past, she had used cardboard material to frame the pieces, but this year she relies on lots of fabric, feathers and rhinestones to give the kiddies the glamorous look needed to mesmerize the judges.

“The pieces are looking good already,” said the excited Sherzel, who has made the band all-inclusive, with prices ranging from $100 up to $200. This will give the kids from one-year old to age-14, access to breakfast, lunch, jewelry, and gift bags. The kiddies will also have their make-up done by a professional and parents in turn will receive complimentary Tee-shirts to support their kids along the parade route.

For more information, call Sherzel at 718-607-7712, or just stop by the Mas camp in Brooklyn.

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